Sunday, December 9, 2012

De-Cluttering My Office…AGAIN!

I have de-cluttered my office many times, and blogged about it, but I did it again. Friday morning, I decided it ‘was time’ again, and I set to work. About a month ago, I bought another sewing machine in a cabinet off Craigslist. I have not blogged about it yet, but it has been in my kitchen, and I have not liked it there. I had to move a bench that we sit on to put our shoes on out, to put the cabinet in, and we have not liked the arrangement. Friday, I put the bench back in the kitchen. Rolling on the floor laughing I moved the cabinet to my office, where my Singer sewing machine, in a cabinet sat, so I had to move that.


We are going around the room, from just inside the door, moving to the left, all around the room. Next to the ‘new to me’ cabinet and machine is my file cabinets.


This is the cabinet that was sitting where the ‘new to me’ cabinet now sits. I moved out a bookcase, and bookcase full of books so I could move the machine where the bookcase used to sit. I like the ‘flow’ of the the room better now, and this is where I will sew when I am in my office..(mostly repairs). On the top of the cabinet, is a Singer 66, which I converted into a hand crank machine. The motor was shot, and the wiring was bad, and so I just made a hand crank out of it. It was missing several pieces, which I replaced. I love hand crank sewing machines! Red heart


This Singer 401A sewing machine is dropped down inside the cabinet.


Moving to the left again, is my desk area space, where my printer, cups of pens, pencils and other necessities sit, along with my computer tower, modem, router, and foo foos. (Did you notice I turned off the flash so the wires running under my ‘desk’ would not be as visible? Winking smile)

office 001

To the left of my monitor is my lamp, my candle warmer (actually a coffee cup warmer), my kleenexes, etc, and my little television. My Brunswick treadle sewing machine sits at the end of the table all put away, with my old Smith-Corona typewriter with a fake plant shoved inside the key strikers. Behind the doors is my closet.


I de-cluttered the closet too. I call it ‘the closet from hell’, because it usually is, and it was. At least I can get the door slid open without something falling out now.


Last but not least, and right before you head out the door, is my dresser. I keep clothes in three of the drawers, and ‘stuff’ in the other three drawers.


I think it looks MUCH better, and I hauled a van load of ‘stuff’ to the local Goodwill. Smile None of it will be missed. It’s funny how that works, isn’t it? I was very tired when I finished cleaning, but it was, and is a GREAT feeling to have it neat.


Val said...

It always looks so good!!! Hoping when I move in to my house I can stay clutter free! It helps when you sell or give away a lot of stuff like we did! Your office looks big and nice and organized!

Amy said...

Looks all neat and tidy!

Amelia said...

Looking a good feeling of satisfaction for completing such a monumental task.

Elizabeth said...

Well I wish I had your "organizational skills."
Looks great

Connie said...

What a wonderful office Michelle! Cozy and comfy with beautiful things to look at too! I'm like to rearrange things all the time....squeezing just a little more space from here or there :)

Renea said...

Looks really nice!!

kath001 said...

That is a job that is SORELY in need of doing at my house! And I'm expecting family over the holidays!

That corgi :) said...

Always good to declutter and rearrange things and get rid of things!! The final result looked great!


Designer Jules said...

I love a good cleaning!


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