Thursday, February 14, 2013

UberLight ~Happy Valentine’s Day To Me!

I’ve been hearing on the radio all week about the price of a dozen roses. They say, anywhere from $70 to $80. I told my sweetie, “Do NOT buy me anything for Valentine’s Day!” He asked, ‘Why?’ I told him because if he bought me expensive flowers, I would have to hurt him! I also said that just going out having a fun day with him was gift enough, and besides, I already got a nicer gift for the same amount of money that flowers would cost.

I finally found a nice, bright, sturdy lamp to put on my quilting frame, and I am very excited! I bought an UberLight 8000 LED task light. It uses 28, 99% energy efficient LED’s, and has a honeycomb lens cover that reduces glare from the light fixture.

light 007

It clamps nicely out of the way, to the handlebar frame behind the machine.

light 005

This picture shows my machine with no lights on at all, except the overhead light in the room.

light 001

This picture shows the sewing machine with it’s light on, as well as my overhead track lights on. You can barely see that the machine light is on at all.

light 002

Here the machine is with the new UberLight on. Smile

light 003

The clamp lamp on the handlebar in this photo is what I replaced. Although it worked well for many years, it was hard to keep in place. I wrapped a piece of hot water pipe insulation around the top of the ‘handlebar’ and clamped the lamp to the ‘bulk’, as there was nowhere else to clamp it. A lot of times, the lamp would rotate ‘down’ and the housing of the lamp would jiggle against the top of the sewing machine. It has left a scratch or imperfection in the paint of my sewing machine. Sad smile

clamp lamp

I do hope this one will be much better. Red heart

light 003

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I hope it is wonderful for each and every one of you!


Designer Jules said...

There is nothing like great light. Enjoy.

Deborah Hamilton said...

That is a wonderful Valentine gift. It makes a difference to have a good work light. I got a DVD for Valentine's Day. It's Persuasion, my favorite Jane Austen movie. Happy Valentine's Day to you!

That corgi :) said...

I like the light! Seems like a good improvement too!

Wow, that's a lot for flowers that will eventually have to be thrown away. Definitely the light is a better choice :)


Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

That is a fantastic light!

Happy Valentine's Day. =)

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Light makes such a difference. Have fun with it.

Carol said...

Wonderful and such a practical gift. We are similar. When we first married, P sent me a dozen red roses. He meant well,but we really did not have "two nickels to rub together." After thirty-seven years of marriage, I receive a card.

Packrat said...

Perfect gift! Flowers are wonderful, but they don't last.


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