Monday, May 27, 2013

‘Double Slice’ Comfort Quilt

Louie and I made a special comfort quilt this weekend. (The pattern is called Double Slice, and the video tutorial can be found here.) Louie plays pool for Obie’s Bar and Grill. The name of his team is ‘Donna’s Boys’. His team ‘mama’, Donna, is going through some chemo treatments, and he wanted her to have a special quilt. He thought it would be nice for days when she might not be feeling the best, or just needed to be reminded that she was loved by so many people. He asked me if I would make a quilt, and I said I would be happy to make her a quilt, but I also asked him if he would help me. He was very excited to be able to help!


We started sewing about 8:30 Saturday morning, and we had the quilt top all put together by 2:30. We each had a sewing machine and we kept them humming. Here are a few photos. (Ok, so you know me…more than a few!)






Here is his half, all sewn together….


….and here is mine. I am so proud of him. He was very careful with his sewing, and only had to use the seam ripper once! We had a lot of fun, and the time just flew by.


We decided to get out of the house after the top was finished, so we went junkin’. I found the charcoal colored sheet you see as the backing. I thought it worked perfectly with the blacks and grays that were used in the quilt top. The fabrics we used were from a Layer Cake called ‘Comma’. I chose that collection of prints not because of the ‘Comma’, but because I wanted the orange and black. Donna likes Harley Davidson, and in addition to the Layer Cake, I added the blue flames, the orange flames, and the pool ball fabric.

Sunday morning, I went downstairs and loaded the backing onto the rollers, then floated the batting and quilt top onto the quilter. Within a few hours, it was all quilted.





It’s hard to see, but Louie’s name in on this piece.




I cut the binding out of the leftover sheet I used as the back, and sewed the binding onto the front of the quilt, then I took the quilt upstairs with my needle, thread, scissors, and binding clips . We watched the movie ‘Guilt Trip’ and several episodes of ‘Hoarders’ while I hand stitched the binding down to the back of the quilt.




We called Donna this morning, and we met tonight at Obie’s to give it to her. She loved it!



kath001 said...

That is gorgeous and so special!

I have to go to a local cancer center chemo room regularly to have my blood drawn or my port cleaned (I have a port to make it easier to draw my cancer). They have a big sign hanging on the wall. 'BYOB...Bring Your Own Blanket...what were you thinking?' :) So it may well comfort her during her treatments.

It's a beautiful gift.

Deborah Hamilton said...

That's a wonderful gift, and it's amazing that you got it finished so quickly! I think it's wonderful that you quilt with your husband. said...

Gorgeous quilt, and what a wonderful gift.

Bethany said...

Michelle, so fun you could finish a quilt, and a darn good looking one, in a day with your hubs.

But my question is, could you do, or point to, a post about your quilting set up with the Juki. What kind of frame, what kind of platform for the machine, does it have a stitch regulator? I would finish so many more quilts if I could quilt them more easily. And your set up looks to be so much more affordable than typical long arm set-ups.

Thanks so much,

Jeanna said...

Wow!! I have never done a quilt with my hubby, I'm afraid he would be better at it than I am, and then I would have to fight him off my machine! The quilt looks wonderful, what a great project to do together - and you finished so quickly. I'm sure it will be appreciated, loved and used!

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Oh, Michelle...And Louie! It turned out fantastic!!!

Tammy said...

I love it! Such a thoughtful, wonderful gift. I really enjoyed your photos of two of you quilting together. Bravo...well done.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Great job from both of you. Keep up the stitching, Louie.

Connie said...

How neat that Lou helped you with this wonderful quilt! She will love it!

Hazel said...

You two are so cute together ,I can't even imagine my hubby sewing on a machine LOL .


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