Sunday, July 21, 2013

Singer 237

We adopted this machine from Craigslist this weekend. It had been on the list for about a month. I think they even lowered the price by $5 a week or so ago. This weekend I decided we needed to go get it. I have picked up a few of these machines in the past, and I know they are good, strong machines. I guess I failed to take pictures of it while it was ‘unkempt’, but she is pretty now.

machines 020

The bobbin winder spindle (see diagram) was missing, but it was with the carrying case, and the spool pin was broken off, but we made what was left of it fit into the hole, and it works fine. The bobbin winder spindle was missing the screw and square nut that held it on. With help from my sweetie, that too is back where it belongs. (Can you believe the diagram below is a photo taken with my camera of my computer monitor, to capture the diagram?) The inner workings were STUCK so that the needle position lever would not move. I heated the inside of the machine, behind the levers with my hair dryer, then when it still would not move, manually pushed the workings with a heavy screwdriver to get it to move. After that, I added oil and it moves just like new now.

diagram 001

I gave it an ‘all over’ oiling and cleaning, put a Sewing Machine Project sticker on it, and the next trip to Madison, it will be ready to go.


Diane | An Extraordinary Day said...

What a gift you have at giving such sweet machines new life. I'm sorry you couldn't get the extension buffed out. Bummer. does she shine.

Happy Sewing!
And best wishes for An Extraordinary Day!
~Diane @

Kristie said...

Your finds are amazing! I like that machine.

Have a wonderful and Blessed day


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