Monday, July 8, 2013

Universal Super Zig Zag Model Z

We have had this machine in our garage since November 17, 2012. That was the day Louie, Jack and Polly, and I went to Madison for volunteer day. (Here is Margaret Jankowski’s blog post about that day.) That was the first volunteer day any of us had gone to, but not the first for The Sewing Machine Project. During that day, there were machines that needed more help than we could give them that day. We had a place on the floor where we set those machines, with a sign that read ‘Critical Care’. This one came home with us. All of the cords were shot, and very unsafe. Louie volunteered to rewire it.

Universal 003

We have been back to Madison a few times since then, but the machine had not been touched. A few days ago, we started working on it. It had more than just wiring wrong with it. Since this is a vintage machine (early 60’s probably), it had the typical ‘hardening of lubricants’ disease. The levers were stuck, so there would be no zigzagging going on. Oil and a hair dryer fixed that. The needle was bent, the motor needed rewiring as well as the cords replaced, the presser foot was missing (I borrowed one of mine until a new one arrives) and the foot control had a ‘dead spot’ in it. Louie put new cords on it, tore the motor apart, as it was throwing flames sparks, and put a different foot controller on it. I think actually, someone left it for dead, and decided that The Sewing Machine Project would be a good place to dispose of it, BUT, I’m glad they did, because it is a very nice little machine! It has a weight problem (like meWinking smile), as it is a TANK and heavy as one too, but oh, it sews sweet! (the curved zigzaggy lines were just me moving the ‘fabric’ paper towel back and forth.) This machine is a straight and zig zag machine only. You can’t buy nice, heavy duty machines like this new anymore. This one should be good for another 50 years!Universal 004

Universal 002

Universal 001

We are up to 17 machines now going to The Sewing Machine Project. Woo hoo!


Renea said...

Love the blue color of this one. Someone will be getting a cute sewing machine.

Kristie said...

17!!! That is awesome!


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