Monday, September 30, 2013

Pink (Recycled) Quilted Market Bag

I didn’t get any sewing in over the weekend, so I decided to cut out another Market Bag, and I ended up just sewing it all together tonight while Louie and his friend played pool.

The outside quilted fabric used to be a homemade pillow sham that someone made. Well, actually, I had to cut into the second pillow sham to have enough fabric.


The inside fabric was from one homemade curtain panel. The fabric is a very nice, quilt shop quality fabric.


There is a single layer, double pocket on the inside, and a double layer, double pocket on the front of the bag, with a magnetic snap closure.

IMG-20130930-00912Side view….IMG-20130930-00911

Back view. IMG-20130930-00913

I love that I used previously used items to make this bag. I think, with the magnetic snap, I have less than $5 invested in the whole bag, and about 3 hours of cutting and sewing. The mess is still downstairs waiting to be cleaned up. It’s not going anywhere. Winking smile


Micki, from The Urban Recyclist has been making bags too.  Micki has a new blog, and loves vintage sewing machines too.


Karen said...

It is always a great feeling when you use items you already have. Well done!

Renea said...

Very cute. I never thought to use pillow shams. Great idea!

StitchinByTheLake said...

I love, love this Michelle! I've never figured out how to put those magnetic snaps in....sure would love to so you've inspired me, once again, to check it out. blessings, marlene

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

So darling!!

Packrat said...

Love the colors and that you re-purposed other items. (On a side note: I sure have missed Reader. Really lazy about searching out my favorite blogs. Will try to do better. Hugs)

Packrat said...

Love the colors and that you re-purposed some used(?) items.

Wow, have I ever missed reading your blog. Hope all is well.

betty said...

That is a cute bag, Michelle. How neat too there is a fellow blogger that you found that shares the same likes that you do with vintage sewing machines! One day I hope my hubby will unroof the old sewing machine in the garage of his mom's. I was telling him you'd know about it, etc., but getting him to get out there and getting a picture of it he's yet to do.


Kristie said...

very cute bag!


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