Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Kenmore 158.15150

Remember THIS post? It’s the post about the Singer 6412 that I picked up for the Park View Quilting Ministry. Well, I’m going to repossess it. It seems it is not going to be a good machine after all. The bobbin case likes to slip around 90*, which makes it impossible to sew with. I don’t want them having a machine that they can’t use, and will give them trouble. I don’t know what I was thinking. I don’t normally buy modern machines, and especially modern (1970’s and newer) Singers.

So instead, Saturday, I picked up this machine! It has all metal parts, and it should never break! I tested it Sunday morning. It sews a straight stitch, and it was very clean, so someone took very good care of it. It has to have a cam to zigzag, which it did not, but my friend Patty had given me a bunch of Kenmore accessories she got at an auction a few months ago, and it had that cam. All the accessories she gave me will work with this machine. I put in the zigzag cam and tested it out. There are lots and lots of design cams and a box full of accessories. The instruction manual is for a different model, but the machine threads the same way, so it will work for this machine.


This one should work out much nicer for them, and I shouldn’t have to worry about it breaking. It will probably outlive me. 



Elizabeth said...

Kenmores of that vintage are truly wonderful machines.

UrbanRecyclist Micki S said...

I love this era of Kenmore machines. So simple, yet so reliable. Have had four, kept two!

susan said...

what a fun machine, a kenmore is one i have never sewn on. glad you were able to find a better one for them. i have a question about the aqua singer in your blog header. its the bottom right. is it 3/4 size? i have a spartan if you can compare it to that? and the color, is it turquoise or blue? i am looking into purchasing one, but want it to be on the smaller side. thanks

Renea said...

I like your new background for your blog. Really cute!!


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