Saturday, November 2, 2013

Sewing Day with Five New Friends

I had the absolute most pleasure of sewing today with five of the ladies from the Park View Quilting Ministry. I invited them to come to my home so I could show them how to make a quilted bag. I had originally made one for Kay, and offered to show her if she ever wanted to make another one for herself, or for a gift. She did want to, and some of the other ladies did too, so we planned a day, (which I thought would NEVER get here) and we had such a good time! We had a lot of fun, and I got the opportunity to get to know them just a little better, which was just so awesome. I am just amazed at God’s love for me, because He just keeps putting all these wonderful people in my life, and to think that it all started, because Kay’s husband Jerry, who is a customer at Burnett-Thiel Ford, ran into Louie one day a a local flea market while Louie was looking for sewing machines for The Sewing Machine Project. Jerry said that the Park View Quilting Ministry could use an extra machine if we ever found one, and that is how it all started. We gave the ministry a machine, I got to meet Kay, I more or less invited myself to go sew with their group if I had a day off, and the blessings have just flowed from there. I not only got new friends Kay and Jerry, but I got a whole quilting group of friends! Thanks God!








Petra made her strap extra long which turned out awesome! She also put pockets on both sides of the lining, and double pockets on both sides of the outside of the bag!



Shirley is the leader of the Park View Quilting Ministry, and she is such a sweet lady. Her smile is beautiful, and her heart is full of pure Christian love.


I had an awesome day. When are you girls coming back? I want to do it again!


Kathryn D. Duke said...!!!

Renea said...

Looks like everyone had a good day and they are really proud of their new market bags.

Kristie said...

Sounds like you ladies had a wonderful day! Love the bags!

Jeanna said...

Sounds wonderful, I would love to be in a group like that! Glad you have met so many wonderful ladies!!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Looks like a fun day!

Debbie said...

How wonderful it is when God puts people in your path who have the same interest. I'm still looking!
And praying. Maybe I need to start sewing corporately! :D Of course, they'll find a peach in a friend like you!

StitchinByTheLake said...

Stitching buddies like these quickly take over our hearts Michelle - and yes, are truly a gift from God. blessings, marlene


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