Sunday, December 29, 2013

Patriotic Park View Quilt Top

I wanted to sew today, and I was out of the Park View quilt kits, so I cut my own fabric and made my own kit, trying to stay as close to their design as I could. I laid it out on the floor, I don’t DO floors well, so instead of pinning each piece to the next one, I took a photo of the layout, then I picked each row up, stacking it carefully. I kept the rows separate, then brought the pieces up to my office. I printed the photo of the pieces that I had laid on the floor and I taped it to a picture above my sewing machine. I made sure that the pieces were in the correct order, and I sewed away.


Here it is! IMG-20131229-01198

To complete the kit, I needed to cut fabric for the binding. I did that, put it in the bag, and now it is ready to go to the Quilting Ministry.



Renea said...

Very pretty. I am jealous. You got to quilt yesterday and I am still working on the sewing room move and sorting through LOTS of containers. I did get a curtain made for the little window in my "new" sewing room.

Deborah Hamilton said...

That's a very pretty quilt top. You have a good idea of taking a picture for reference. I'm sure it saves many headaches. HA! Happy quilting!

Kristie said...

That turned out really nice!


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