Sunday, January 5, 2014

January Quilting~Tilted Tractors

Our quilting day was yesterday, Leslie chose the block to sew. The pattern was called Puppy Pals, but since there were no puppies, and the fabric had tractors, I’ll call it ‘Tilted Tractors’. (I wonder if that is anything like tractor tipping! Winking smile Anyone who has seen the movie ‘Cars’ knows what I’m talking about!) The block was fun and pretty simple to make.


Here are all nine blocks, plus the filler pieces Leslie made, all laid out on the floor. Cute!


The pattern Leslie used was from the Fons & Porter Love of Quilting Magazine dated November/December 2012, and the quilt size will be 37 1/2 x 48 1/2.


Leslie chose red and white for her fabric choice for FQ exchange. Ummmm…yummy eye candy! Love ‘em!


After I made my block for Leslie, I worked on a quilt kit from the Park View Lutheran Quilting Ministry that I had. I love the colors and fabric in this quilt. They seem to just jump up at you! This will be a quilt for a nursing home. The size is shorter by two rows than the Patriotic ones I have been sewing.


After the girls left, Louie and I took my sister’s Mazda Tribute back to her after the repairs in the shop, and picked up the loaner vehicle she was using, then we went junkin’. We only junked on the Iowa side of the river, because the Quad Cities was getting pounded with snow, and quickly! I did manage to find a hanging wall lamp though at one of the Goodwills, for my office/sewing space. The table lamp I had before was just getting in my way, especially when I was sewing all the rows to each other and the quilt would get larger. This should work out better, I hope. I put the Isabel Bloom on the cabinet to hide the cord running down the wall. This photo shows just the wall lamp light on.


This photo shows the LED lamp I picked up last week to add some light (the black skinny lamp), and it also shows the sewing machine light on, and the florescent stick light that I sat behind the machine.


I definitely have plenty of light when I sew now, and I LIKE it!


We got home around 6 pm last night, and on the way home, we found that Maquoketa had not had any snow at all. Right now, the temperature is +9, and falling. By tomorrow morning, we are supposed to be about –21* with serious wind chills. I’m glad I have a garage to keep my van warm so I won’t have to worry about it starting in the morning for work!

Today, I’m going to finish sewing the second quilt top from the PVLQM, and maybe lay out another one of my own for them.

Update: I finished the second quilt top kit I received from PVLQM….

January 5, 2014

…and I cut up and put together three more kits of my own, so the next time I’m ready to sew, I’ll be ready to sew!


Have a great day, whatever you do, and stay warm!


Renea said...

Love all the lighting for your sewing table. My new room is good for sewing but when I am standing at my cutting table I get my shadow going across the table. Might have to do some adjusting in my room.

Pokey said...

Your quilts you've shared are nice! The tilted tractors are fun, and the Crosses you are making are special to my heart.
Lucky find on the lamp, lighting is so important! Keep yourself safe and warm ~

Kristie said...

Everything looks so nice! I always love your projects!

UrbanRecyclist Micki S said...

Nice lamps, both the wall mounted and the skinny stand ones. I especially think that the wall mounted one is really lovely. A great find! I love the whimsical quilt pattern, too. You are off to a great start in 2014!

Jeanna said...

Looks great! Love the tiltled tractor quilt! Your quilts always look wonderful - and I LOVE how much light you have. I'm going to have to keep my eyes peeled for some lamps...

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Glad you missed out on the snow. We got 9+ inches before the temps started dropping. At least the cars started (they were NOT happy about it). Gotta get my side of the garage cleaned out so I can park there.


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