Monday, March 31, 2014

Kenmore 1301

Louie and I found this machine a couple months ago. It went downstairs under the steps when I needed to get it out of my kitchen, and yesterday, I brought it back upstairs. This one is HEEEEAAVVY! Cosmetically, it is in very nice shape. It did need a bath though.


I cleaned and oiled it, as standard procedure, but I could not get the blind stitch to work. I heated, and pushed and pulled and searched with a flashlight to see where it could be stuck, to no avail. When Louie got home from work (yes, he worked on Sunday), I had him look, and he discovered the broken part. That’s ok. It straight stitches, and it zigzags. That is all that is needed.  It is strong, and quiet. It was made in Japan in the middle sixties. This machine is also a ‘left needle’ position machine, meaning that it was not designed with quilting in mind (with the 1/4” seam and center position needle). It was designed for garment making, with the 5/8” seam being common.


I could not find a full manual without buying one, so since I did not want to buy one, I went to to get threading instructions. They are great in that they offer threading instructions, and bobbin winding instructions for free. Thank you SEWUSA!


It only took a teeny tiny bit of adjustment on the upper tension to make some nice stitches.


I am able to mark another machine DONE and off my list. It feels GOOD!

Again, I am not sure where this machine’s new home will be, but it is ready when the need arises.


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Jeanna said...

You are amazing!!


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