Sunday, April 6, 2014

April Quilting

Today was our quilting day for April. Kate took her turn at presenting the block. I don’t know what the name of this quilt block is. Kate didn’t either.  I’m not sure if she found it somewhere, or if she designed it herself, but I like it! It was quick and easy.20140405_102000

20140405_111402After I made my block, I cut some fabric up into 5.5” squares for the Park View ladies that I had, then I sewed a quilt top together for them for a nursing home. 20140405_140702When quilting was over, Christie and I went to the Quad Cities and saw the movie ‘God’s Not Dead’. That was the second time for me, and the first for her. She loved it as much as I did. We went to Best Buy and I bought ONE HP printer, because it was wireless, (instead of two), and then we went to IHOP for supper. We had a nice visit, then we drove home. We got back into town about 9:30, then I made a huge mess in my office, and set up the printer for my computer. 20140405_230649I also set it up for Louie’s computer, so now he can print from his computer in his office, to this printer in my office. I think we will be very happy with it. I have already scanned several things into pdf files, so that makes me very happy, as I used my last two printers for that purpose a lot. (Photo: Test printing an email from Louie’s office to my office)Printer

There. That’s better!20140406_020707

This morning, I unhooked Louie’s old printer. Bye bye old printers!

20140406_100426Next month, May, will be our last quilting session until September.  I don’t know how the last nine quilting months moved so fast, because the winter months drug on and on. It will be nice for summer to be here, but I will miss the girls.


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Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

You wore those poor printers out. Cute little Singer in the last post. Glad you had fun stitching with the girls. Cute block. I was thinking of you yesterday, as I got a quilt ready to quilt. I was playing the Ball Brothers CD's while I got things ready and started quilting.


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