Saturday, May 24, 2014

Brother Pacesetter 2340 CV ~ Removing Fabric

I found a great tutorial for removing the fabric from a Brother Cover Stitch 2340CV Machine HERE. (Thank you Carla!!!) That is what I wanted to learn next with my Brother CS machine. I practiced, but I still need the directions. I probably always will. Somewhere, during my search for the Brother CS machine before I bought it, (mostly reading ‘’ reviews) I read where you were NOT supposed to sew off of the edge of the fabric, and the fabric did NOT release from this machine like other more expensive brand models. I decided that I COULD learn how to remove the fabric through this process, and that I WOULD buy this more economical model, which did the same thing as the more expensive models. (Sorry, I just can’t get past ‘thrifty’.) I also got brave this morning and decided to see just what WOULD happen if I DID sew off the fabric.

This is what happened.


Check out the third row of stitching from the left. You will see the ‘chainstitch’ coming off the end. NOTHING BAD HAPPENED!!!! It DIDN’T tie all the threads in the machine into knots and I DIDN’T have to completely dismantle the machine. Smile  So what is worse? If I have to pull threads to release the fabric, and tie them to secure them, or if I have a little ‘chain’? If I sew the ends to another piece of fabric for whatever ‘construction’ I am doing, won’t I be securing the ends of the cover stitch and locking the threads that way? If I am not securing the ends by sewing to another piece of fabric, wouldn’t a quick couple of stitches with the sewing machine ‘lock’ the end threads down?

I am thinking now, that I will just sew ‘off’ the fabric and deal with the ends. I might be acting a bit ‘smug’ since I have absolutely NO experience to date, or any idea what I will be doing with this machine, AND maybe going back to releasing the fabric via the above tutorial MIGHT absolutely be a necessity…. but being my inexperienced self right now, I’m not going to worry about it. This should be a FUN experience, right? Embarrassed smile

My friends are excited for me, and naming off all the things I can do with this machine, like wall hanging bindings, pillow cases, and bag construction, and, and, and….things I had never thought of. I had only thought it might be nice for hemming up slacks and jeans…..AND, it is something new to explore, and I was curious. Sew here I am.  I do wish there were more tutorials and ideas on the internet to give me ideas. Do you think there are other people in the same boat as me?

What would YOU use it for? Do you have one? Can you send me in the direction of some ideas? (I have NO plans on garment construction.)




Renea said...

Sounds like you had a great morning playing with your new machine. I am excited for you! Have fun!

Suzan Oxenreider said...

I have had a serger in my studio for 2 years and I have never had the nerve to even put the thread through the needles. Congratulations on having the courage to just jump in and learn your machine!!


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