Friday, May 9, 2014

May Quilting~Twirling Star Quilt~And Another Habitat Quilt

Last Saturday was our last quilting get together until September. It was Christie’s turn for the block, so she brought her AccuQuilt Go fabric cutter and cut some half hexie’s. She brought a pattern for everyone and we all made a triangle section, as seen on the left side of the second photo. I think it is really pretty, but I’m not a fan of sewing Y seams, so I probably won’t be making this one. I love the colors she chose, and the batiks!




She also chose batiks as her choice of fabric fat quarters for exchange. I love batiks, but have not made a quilt with batiks yet. I have a lot more batik fat quarters. I need to plan something and do it!


After I made my one little section, I started sewing on a quilt top for the Park View quilting group. They present quilts to families with children when that family is presented their new home through Habitat for Humanity. Every child in the household will get a twin size quilt. Here is the center with the first border sewn on. I did not start sewing it all together until late Sunday afternoon.


…and the finished quilt top. I didn’t finish it until Sunday evening. parkview habitat quilt top 2

I’m hoping to take a vacation day and go quilt with them on Tuesday, so I will be taking this with me at that time to pass onto one of the quilting ladies. I’m also hoping to sew another Habitat quilt top together for them this weekend so I can take them two.

Have a wonderful weekend!



Missy Shay said...

Sounds like fun!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I don't like Y seams, either. Cute quilt. Have fun making a 2nd one. I was thinking of you today, while I cleaned a machine. I was listening to the Ball Brothers CD's.

Renea said...

Christie's block looks really pretty in the picture. Your Habitat quilt turned out sew cute!


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