Friday, May 2, 2014

New and Old Smart Phones

A month or so ago, Louie and I got new Smart Phones. We had enough reward points to upgrade early, so we each got a new Samsung Galaxy S4. I bought a couple phone covers that I switch often. I use a purple one like this one on weekdays, and the ‘quilty’ one below, I use mostly on the weekends. I don’t want to scratch the design off it, and it is not as ‘rubbery’ as the purple one, so I wouldn’t want it to ‘slide’ off anything and hit the floor.


The other day at work, I was only able to listen to our local radio station, (I work in a big metal building, which means poor reception). That radio station is OK most days, except for when they are airing a Cardinals game. I’m not a fan of any sport, so please understand….I’m not bashing any team. I just don’t want to listen to a live broadcast of a ball game. I got to thinking…which can be a dangerous thing, sometimes!!!  I started thinking about my old Blackberry phone that was just sitting around…..lonely. My blackberry was a nice phone, and I had a hard time thinking that it was just going to be thrown out sometime in the future, like all my previous smart phones. I started wondering if I could use it to play music, if I used a wi-fi signal. A lot of people at work use their smart phones with an auxiliary cord, and plug them into a radio that has an auxiliary jack. My radio at work does not have the jack. I have two other radios here that I could take to work, but they don’t have an auxiliary jacks either! Well, I thought before I got too excited, I should check to see if my old Blackberry would work this way. I came home, and dug out the BB and put it on the charger. As soon as it was charged, I enabled the wi-fi again, and downloaded the Slacker Radio app for Blackberry. I had music!!!!


Last night, I was shopping online to find a radio to buy to take to work that had an auxiliary jack. I found one, and will probably be buying it this weekend at the store. I also need to buy a cable, BUT this morning, I enabled the bluetooth and paired my BB phone with my Bose wireless speaker. I am enjoying listening to Air1 radio. I don’t want to take my wireless speaker to work, as the speaker if pretty large. Also, the parts I work with are oily, and I wear rubber gloves. A much less expensive radio will work just fine.


UPDATE: I didn’t buy the boom box. I bought a Bose Mini wireless speaker. (My enabler talked me into it!) NOT AT ALL what I was going to buy, but I can use either my old (or new) phone with tunein, or my ipod with bluetooth. Since it is much smaller, it should work good. I bought a protective cover for it, and a case to put it in. I also bought a small case to put both my phone and ipod in (not shown). These will NOT be left out at work when I go home for the day, but rather transported back and forth to work, or HIDDEN from second shift.



I know most or all of you already knew you could do this, but I am just so thrilled about this! I knew I could do this with my Nook HD+, but didn’t want to take that to work either. I have a Nook Color that I take to work to read my books on breaks, but I don’t think that would work as well either. I am just so happy my old phone won’t be sitting in a drawer anymore, and it is not hooked up to cellular service, so it’s free with just a wi-fi signal, which I can get at work. I just had to disable the settings on the phone for cellular service so the phone would not be searching for a cellular signal constantly and draining the battery. I can use it to surf the internet too! It’s basically like a mini computer!

Who knew? Not me!

Have a great weekend!!!



Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

That's awesome!!

Debbie said...

Hey, I didn't have a clue I could do that and still don't understand anything you said. My smartphone is probably way underused. You're such a smarty. :D

Jules said...

We just got new phones this winter too and they are our first smart phones. So thankful our resident geek helped us set them up and showed us perks.

I have a cord that connects phone to car radio and a small speaker in my quilting room so can take my music with me if necessary. Technology can be so fun! :)

Cute covers!


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