Sunday, September 7, 2014

September Quilting ~ Alzheimer’s Quilts ~ Brown FQ’s and Birthdays!

September is here, and quilting has begun. We had our first get together yesterday. I set up Friday night. The pool table transformed into a cutting table, and three ironing boards lined up in single file.


Another cutting table joined the first one, and Saturday morning, soft music was turned on, and Channel 6 weather ran in the background.


Another table was added this year, so some re-arranging was done.


AND…..I laid out my fat quarters for our exchange.

dark brown fq

Saturday morning the quilters started arriving. We hadn’t seen each other since the first Saturday in May! That was FOUR full months!

KT Renea

Polly, who was one our ‘Charter Quilters’ and who left us a few years ago, returned. We were ‘SEW’ glad to see her and have her come back! WELCOME BACK POLLY! You can see Polly on the far right of the next picture.

Sept 6th 1

Sept 6th 2

We had a few ‘show and tells’. KT finished a quilt she started last year, and it is now on her and her husband’s bed. She made it from the quilt block we sewed for Ronelle’s turn, called Boho Girl during last year’s quilting.

KTs Quilt

Renea finished a quilt top she put together while we were on summer vacation, for the Parkview Quilting girls, and brought it over for me to pass on to the PV girls.

Renea's Habitat quilt top

We had three birthdays to celebrate. Polly and Kate’s birthdays happened in the month of August, and Ronelle’s birthday was today, so we had birthday presents!!! Happy Birthday Ronelle!!!

birthday gifts

After everyone got settled in, and got to visit a little bit, we started sewing. We worked on some little Alzheimer’s quilts. We used scraps, lace, ribbons and zippers, and put our imaginations to work.

alzheimers suppliesmaking alzheimers quilts

Here are some of them. Kate



little quilts

The next two are the ones I made. 





It was fun, and felt good to sew for others.

Helping Others

…and we can’t forget about the ‘eye candy.’ LOVE fat quarters! Renea chose the fabrics and the project.


It was a fun day, and I feel so blessed to have 9 quilting friends who come sew every month, despite their busy lives. I love my quilting friends!

Vintage factory


StitchinByTheLake said...

Okay that's of these days I'm going to come and spend the day with you and your group! An invited guest but I'm doing it anyway. :) blessings, marlene

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Sew glad you've gotten a chance to stitch with the girls. It seems like life is getting into a rhythm for you now.


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