Monday, October 13, 2014

Ambassador Debutante 3/4 Size Sewing Machine Lamp/Night Light

My brother and sisterinlove came over to see us and to spend the afternoon with us on Saturday, and they brought me some birthday presents. Jack was carrying something, and he had his coat draped over what he was carrying. I was thrilled when he ‘unveiled’ this masterpiece!!! Polly sacrificed one of her sewing machines so he could make a lamp for me! He removed the motor, and he said if I ever wanted to put it back on, he could give it to me, but I don’t think I would ever want to do that. I told him if I wanted to sew with it again, I would leave the lamp on it, and just add a hand crank kit to it! That way, I could sew, AND have light! I love the size and color of the lamp shade. I think it is just PERFECT! My niece Sandy sacrificed the shade. It was a family affair!


For effects, here is a photo of the lamp on………


…and here it is with the night light (or original sewing machine light)



This sewing machine is a 3/4 size sewing machine. It says The Ambassador Sewing Machine across the top. It is a class 15 type sewing machine, but I haven’t figured out what model it would be if it was a Singer. It was made in Japan, so it is a Singer ‘clone’. If the tension control was on the front, it would be a Singer 99 clone, but the tension is on the faceplate.


I love the Ambassador badge. It is a Debutante. I think I will have to do more research! (That is a pair of stork scissors hanging down on the left of the badge. I raised the reverse lever and hung a pair there after the pictures were taken yesterday.)


The faceplate is beautiful.


This lamp was a labor of love, and I will cherish it forever!


Linda Swanekamp said...

I was relieved to see no holes drilled in the machine. It seems too lovely to be decorative. I bet it sews real grand straight stitches. Love the scroll plate.

Karen Schurr said...

Oh, what a lovely gift. So much thought and love went into this great light idea. Lucky you.

kath001 said...

Its lovely! And what a gift made with love.

I love lamps made out of unusual objects. I have my parent's old percolating coffee pot that I want to make into a small night light lamp for my kitchen counter.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I'm glad he didn't destroy the machine to do this. Cute lamp and night light.


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