Saturday, April 25, 2015

Bernina 1530 Inspiration~Spa Treatment

Remember when Louie and I found a Bernina 1530 at the thrift store in February? Well, on March 15, I decided to sew a quilt top I had previously cut and kitted up, and watch movies.


I set up a table in my living room in front of the big screen, and watched Netflix while I sewed a quilt top with my ‘new to me’ Bernina. Just when I was finishing it up, ‘reverse’ started acting up and the needle and feed dogs would stop dead in their tracks whenever I would push in the button, then the needle would start jumping to the right. I shut the machine off, and turned it back on, and the needle did quite a dance routine before it stilled again. I turned the machine off and back on, and it repeated the performance. I thought for sure it was a goner. This machine is from the 90’s and not all parts are available anymore, but I did read that circuit boards can be rebuilt by Bernina, so I contacted the Bernina Dealer to get an opinion. I didn’t know if I would fix it or not, but I needed to know what they thought. I also couldn’t stand the thought of this machine ‘not living’ anymore. Crying face

I passed the machine onto my brother, who asked my sisterinlove to take it to the dealer for me the next time she was going to town, and after a few weeks, I heard back. Little miss ‘Bernie’ decided that she wasn’t going to repeat that performance for the ones who repair. I talked to a couple different techs there and we decided to give it a good service and going over and they would see if they could get it to misbehave. ….but ‘Bernie’ behaved. She got a new spool pin and a spa treatment, and we picked her up today.




I’m glad she wasn’t as ‘critical’ as I thought she may be.

I’m also very pleased with the service I received at ‘Inspired to Sew At Pine Needles’ in Cedar Rapids.

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Kristie said...

Good luck with it! :) Hope it continues to sew well for you.


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