Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mother’s Day

My ‘sissypoo’ Nancy Jo, who is 8 years younger than me, came up to see us last night. She has to work this weekend, and wanted to bring me a ‘Mother’s Day’ gift. No, I said she was my sister, but she says I am the best mother she has ever had, and although I keep arguing with her, I can’t change her mind. She always honors me on Mother’s day, but she outdid herself this year. There is also a bag of turtles candy, but I am going to pass that along, since I have worked hard all week to try to lose weight. I love the gesture though. The roses are beautiful, the little ‘Isabel Bloom’ angel is called ‘Forget Me Not’, and she has an apron full of flowers, and the card she picked out is beautiful. I love her.


I finished the cross quilt last weekend at quilting, and when I sewed this together, it was meant for Nancy. She loved the Park View quilts, so I made one in her favorite color, purple. I tried to deliver this to her last Sunday when were out on a motorcycle ride, but she wasn’t home, so I gave it to her last night. She loved it. She said she wants to hang it on the wall. We’ll see. She’ll have to find a wall big enough first!



It looks like it’s going to be a nice day today, but not supposed to be overly warm, so probably no motorcycle today. Guess we’ll just have to go junkin’!….or as my friend Kim calls it, ‘pickin’!

Have a great Mother’s Day weekend everyone!

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Lady Jane said...

It is nice to be treasured so. Such a beautiful quilt.


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