Sunday, September 20, 2015

September Quilting~Buggy Barn Crazies~Jewel Tones

September 19th brought our little quilting group back together after a 3 month break, and the project we worked on was a quilt called Crazies, by The Buggy Barn Company. When we started our little group in August of 2000, this is the first quilt we all made. It was fun! We decided to do it again.


As I was setting up for quilting, I was trying to decide how much space we would need, so I brought out my little blue card table that we shortened for another purpose, and I needed to raise it back up to normal height. Hmmm…what can I use? I wonderLight bulb……let’s try upside down cones of thread!  Perfect….and colorful! Rolling on the floor laughing


The pattern is a ‘stack and whack’ pattern, cutting through layers of 4-6 at a time, or whatever your preference is, . After you get all layers cut, you ‘rotate’ the stacks so all the fabrics on each layer are different.  We have found that the LARGEST pizza box that Godfather’s Pizza has, works perfect!! The template for the blocks is 15 1/2 inches, I think, if I remember right. Godfather’s has always been very generous by helping quilters out!




It was fun to see all the fabric choices everyone had made, and the end result. Each block in this quilt will be different. No two will be alike.


Patty was the first to show her finished block, and she needed to leave a little early, so I snapped this photo before she left. I can almost see a star pattern in this block.


The rest of us laid our quilt blocks out later. From top left, the blocks belong to Renea, Michelle, Christie, bottom row, KT, Leslie, and Margaret. Renea used pinks and browns, I chose fabrics that blended well with my furniture, and Christie chose blues and browns. KT used batiks, Leslie chose her fabrics by ‘shapes’, and Margaret said she just ‘kind of pulled’ fabrics. Well, it looks like ‘just pulling’ worked well Margaret!


I have a confession to make. Everyone else started their quilts from the beginning. I had a quilt in progress from a couple years ago. All the blocks were sewn, but I had been working on embellishing seams. I had put it away and had to find it, but I finally did, so I finished embellishing the seams. Now I plan on working on finishing it.

This year we are doing something different with our fabric exchange. For the past 15 years, we have exchanged fat quarters, with the winner who chose the fabric, getting double fat quarters. This year, a few of us were considering dropping out of the fabric exchange because we are ALL ‘well stocked’. A different idea came up to still have a fabric exchange, but just for the winner of the draw. Our original plan was to just bring one fat quarter each month for the winner, then another idea came up to exchange ONE YARD (or two half yards, or 4 FQs…we aren’t picky!) of fabric or pull from our stash. It makes it more economical to exchange one yard, rather than 2 1/2 yards for FQs, and this way, ONCE A YEAR, with everyone exchanging, the winner will receive NINE YARDS of fabric Rolling on the floor laughing

KT was our first winner, and she chose jewel tones. We had a couple girls who were unable to be with us yesterday, so KT will get a couple more fabrics next time. Aren’t they beautiful?


My day ended perfectly with a visit from my grand nephew and his grandma (Sissypoo)…..



…and watching Do You Believe on Blue Ray. A perfect day!



Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Sew glad you all had fun together. I'm into yardage, not FQ's, so, the exchange changes would be great for me (if I was involved). Yipee for great days!

Kathryn D. Duke said...

I,have a few hand crank questions...

Do you mind emailing when you get a Rush!l


Kathryn D. Duke said...

I,have a few hand crank questions...

Do you mind emailing when you get a Rush!l



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