Saturday, October 31, 2015

Buggy Barn Crazies Quilted

I took myself downstairs last night about 7:00 and started looking for a backing from my stash of thrifted sheets, and once I found one, loaded it on the rollers. Next I cut my batting and attached the batting and quilt top to the backing fabric and was going to leave it until this morning to quilt, but once I secured all three layers by sewing the first row, I didn’t want to stop. Ever since I was taught how to quilt by ‘floating the quilt top’, that is the only way I quilt.



The sheet I liked was actually 100% polyester, and I have not ever used anything except 100% cotton, but I decided to be a risk taker and I loaded it onto the quilter. I checked the stitching on the back once I started and the stitches looked beautiful.


I always love to look at the stitching as I quilt. It just turns a flimsy into something wonderful!


It was about 9:00 when I cut the quilt off the quilter. I thought that was pretty good timing from start to finish. The quilter worked flawlessly. I did not have a broken thread, the stitches on the back looked perfect, with no looping, and I quilted it all with one Magna-Glide bobbin.



This morning I plan on sewing the binding to the quilt, then I will make the big decision whether to machine stitch it down, or sit tomorrow and hand stitch for about 6 hours while I watch Netflix.


Renea said...

Beautiful. It is amazing when everything works out and you have no problems. Sounds like a good plan on a rainy, dark Saturday.

kath001 said...

I really love this quilt!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Great quilt!


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