Sunday, November 8, 2015

November Quilting~Parkview Quilts~Teal

Yesterday was our November Loose Tensions time. I decided to sew a Parkview Quilt top for my day’s activity. It was easy, mindless sewing, and I could visit and listen to the chatter of the women while I worked and not miss out on anything. This was the first quilt top. I love it! It is so colorful. I do not design these quilts. When I get the kits, the pieces in each row are pinned together and the rows are numbered. All I have to do is sew the pieces, then connect the rows.


We ordered from China Cafe for lunch, and when Louie got off work, he picked up our order. We had a very special cheesecake for dessert. My cousin’s wife works with me, and we exchange birthday gifts. This year for my birthday, I got a homemade cheesecake made by my cousin Jeff. I froze it and saved it for our November quilt day. Jeff even sent the berry topping and a bottle of caramel topping too! It was GOOOOOOOOD!


It was my turn to choose fabric for the group to buy for me. We aren’t exchanging fat quarters this year. Instead, we are buying the one who’s name is drawn one yard of fabric, or two half yards, or four fat quarters, or a charm pack. I got about 8 yards total of teal fabric. Yummmmm!!!


After everyone left for the day, Louie was being a lump and a couch potato and watching tv, so I went back downstairs and sewed another quilt top for the Parkview ladies.


Later on, we rented Hot Pursuit on Amazon. We both enjoyed it.


Next month at quilting we will exchange Christmas gifts. Where has the year gone?


Debbie said...

I was laughing about your sewing without having to think about it. My piecing a quilt involves perspiration, tongue sticking out, furrowed brow and complete concentration! :D
Happy Birthday to a great quilter!

Tamera said...

Those are really cute! A great way to use up stash.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Lovely fabrics you got.


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