Thursday, December 31, 2015


Our December Loose Tensions Quilt group met on December 5th for our normal meet, but we also had a few celebrations to take care of! We always have a potluck and gift exchange in December, but we also celebrate Margaret’s birthday (which I was LAME in not photographing). I guess I was too much into the excitement of gifts and seeing what everyone received! I’ll share a couple Mrs. Bobbins cartoons in the mix since they seemed appropriate for our group day.

We had lots to eat!

We had lots of good fruits and vegetables!

 Salad, bread, soup and crackers, ham, Cheesy macaroni and corn, chips, cookies, and lots of good stuff!

Ronelle, even though she was unable to attend, chose yellow as her fabric choice, so we got to enjoy this eye candy as well.

 There was some sewing going on as well. I sewed this quilt top for my nephew in Texas. He was up here for Christmas, but my lack of ambition halted the completion of this quilt, so he will have to wait for it and receive it in the mail when I finish it. Maybe this weekend……

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and I pray your New Year is full of blessings. Ps. Blogger and Windows Live Writer are not playing well since a change in Microsoft. Not happy, but at least I can post.


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Love the yellows she is receiving! Hope 2016 is a Wonderful year for you and Louie! Still praying!!!

Michelle said...

Thank you Cheryl. God is good and providing as He always has. We are believing something good will happen soon.

Michelle said...
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kath001 said...

Oh, those cartoons gave me a good chuckle! Boy do they speak the truth!

Wishing you and Louie a very happy and healthy 2016, and may it be filled with blessings for you both from beginning to end.


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