Monday, February 8, 2016

February Quilting~Spring Florals

Saturday was our February Quilting day. We didn’t have a special project. I sewed this quilt top for the Park View Quilters…


…and finished the one I started and didn’t finish last month.


Kate did some crocheting, and Margaret finished up her Buggy Barn Crazies quilt top.


Leslie chose spring florals for her fabric choice.


Patty brought her famous Chocolate lasagna. (I got the leftovers!) Next month we have two birthdays, so she brought hers early. Christie will bring hers in March.


My friend Renea has been looking for something to use to cut her pieces apart when she chain sews. She had her eye on a certain product, and I was going to see if my handy husband could build one, but then I went to google to look for how to cut chain stitching apart, and I found this. CloverPendantCutter_medium

I went downstairs to see what I had. I knew I had a pendant thread cutter, but obviously, the fat loop wouldn’t fit into a small spool of thread, so I went for the next best thing….a cone of thread.


The top end of the cone was too small, but the bottom end worked perfectly. I think the fact that both pieces are plastic help the cutter stay in place better than if it was metal. I pulled a large piece of thread off the cone and pretended I was cutting pieces apart and it worked perfectly.


What would I do without Google?


After quilting we went to the Quad Cities for groceries, and we stopped at the DAV thrift store. Last week I bought the blue chair, and this week I picked up three more chairs. I hope to find 4 more someday. I want to keep my quilters comfy!

We also stopped to get a baby fix. Elijah will be 11 months old on Wednesday. He changes so much. In this picture, his new trick is to squint when he knows you are taking a picture. Little stinker.


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Renea said...

Looks like I missed a great day of quilting but oh the beach was positively wonderful. Thanks for reaching and coming up with a great idea for cutting my chain piecing apart. I have one of those thread cutters (I think Margaret gave it to me for a birthday gift). I will be using your idea.


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