Saturday, March 10, 2018

Do I even know how to do this anymore?

Well, it’s almost nine months since I last wrote a blog post. I figured now was as good a time as any to update it.

My little Engineer is three years old today. We love him so much. In case you don’t remember who he is, he is my grand nephew. He is just so sweet. These pictures are borrowed from his mommy’s facebook page, as they are having a birthday party for him today. His Aunt Katie made his birthday cake. He loves trains!




In September, Elijah’s great grandpa (Pops) raised a pretty big potato. Here is Elijah with that monster potato.


The last time I blogged, we were having new retaining walls built and a patio laid. The young businessman who did the work for us did a fantastic job, and we couldn’t be happier. He did all the work entirely by help from anyone, and he worked 12 hour days most days and even on the weekends. It took about three weeks. This photo was taken after the following two, because we put a new outside storm door on it looks way better than the previous one you can see in the other photos.


This is our new cozy patio in our backyard. We love it! We even found a gas grill at Lowe’s that matches our patio! 20992881_1438436672913265_1926470939300990310_n


I’m getting anxious to get it all back out and enjoy some evening fires.20157464_1406034799486786_965611594579210994_o

Pops was had a carport, deck, and ramp put on his new mobile home last summer too. It turned out very nice. Another young man with a new business. It is inspiring to see young people caring so much and doing exceptional work.21433019_1457783717645227_4470939577021908864_n


The ramp came in very handy, because on January 15th of this year, Pops had open heart surgery. He was the hospital and rehab, and got to come home on February 1st. He had visiting nurses and therapists come in and check on him, and he got released on February 23rd. He will be 85 in June, and he did wonderful! So proud of him! He has been taking care of himself, and driving. We are blessed, and the Lord is Good!

Hmmmm, what else is new? Just working everyday, enjoying Pops and Elijah, (and Louie) and trying to stay healthy. If you read this, thanks for stopping in. Sorry it has been so long.

Be blessed,



jane said...

good to see a new post on the blog.

Lori @ Back Porch Ramblings said...

Little Elijah is such a cutie!

Jeanna said...

That little guy is adorable, and your new patio looks amazing!

Jeanie said...

took a minute to remember who this was when it showed up in my bloglovin. glad you are still there. any quilting going on? any new/old machines?

Moneik Stephens said...

Glad to hear everything is going well. I'm sure you'll love the new patio. We're ready for summer as well. Camper time!

Karen Schurr said...

I know how you feel about blogging. I just can't seem to get it going again anymore. Like reading them, but can't get motivated to write them. Little Elijah is so precious! What a sweetheart. Keep posting, Dear. We're out here reading. :) Have a great week.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Yipee! You remembered how to blog ;). I've missed hearing from you. I thought of you while in Alaska. My DIL has a Kenmore, that threads really weird. She doesn't have a manual, and I couldn't get the tension correct. I think I'm threading it wrong (her, too). I figured that if I couldn't find a manual online, that you might be able to (I haven't looked yet). The patio looks great. Spring will come soon, so, you'll be having some cookouts then, I'm sure. Someone in our neighborhood was grilling Sunday evening, as we unloaded machines from my demo, and boy, did it smell yummy! I can't wait for grilling weather. Hope to hear from you again, soon (not in 9 months).


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