Saturday, April 23, 2016

April Quilting~30’s Reproductions

April is all but over, and here I am again, late in posting about our Loose Tensions quilting day on April 2nd.

Renea had lots of pretty quilts to show. Overachiever! Seriously….we love having show and tell, and we are all just so jealous of her accomplishments. There were a lot of ‘Oooo’s and Ahhh’s’ to be heard.



We are also very jealous of her scrappy quilts, like the one below, but none of us ever commit to taking on the task. She loves scrappy quilts and saves every scrap she has, and scraps that the rest of us would throw away. The Park View quilters save scraps for her too! It gives her quite a variety!


This is the back of the above quilt.


This quilt was made by Patty for a benefit. It is Hawkeye themed, and it brought $600 at auction! She was very pleased, and the quilt was presented to the man for which the benefit was for.


Patty used a nice soft Hawkeye sheet set for the backing. It worked perfectly and looked fantastic!


I did manage to get a few photos of what some of us worked on. I didn’t get everyone. This was what Margaret was working on. Her sashing strips blended right into the carpet. It looked pretty cool.


Patty was starting a new project with her collection of beautiful batiks.


She borrowed my red glasses so she could see the color values of lights and darks. Everyone said it was amazing what they could see and how some that they would have eliminated altogether would work just fine.


Patty did a lot of cutting of that beautiful fabric!


I added the borders to the quilt top that I completed in March. Now I just need to get it on the quilter!


Christie chose the fabric for April, and she chose 30’s reproductions. Pretty!


We celebrated KT’s birthday, but there is no proof here that we did. (I suck at being photographer…..).

Our May quilting day is in a couple weeks, then we are taking the summer off and getting back together in September. We drew names for the secret sister Christmas too. That should give us plenty of time to find good sales and just the perfect gift/s.

I saw this cute picture and thought I would share. Seems life makes us all a little tense most times sometimes. (Truth is, the kitten is playing with the stitch length, but I won’t tell!)

Tension Help Kitty

Thanks for stopping by!


Renea said...

Nice pictures and such sweet comments on all the quilts that everyone shared. Can't believe we will be breaking for summer soon.

Debbie said...

Hey there Michelle! I'm really partial to the old patterns and usually pick one when I make a quilt. I'm ready to start a quilt now! Have a great week~!

Jules said...

What a wonderful group you have and it is great you are regular about getting together. You do provide a wonderful place for all of you. I need some weekend time to get in some piecing as well. But first, be shocked I'm out reading blogs tonight! ;)

miss you!

WIWI said...

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