Sunday, September 23, 2007

I Got A 'You Make Me Smile Award!'

I also got a MeMe Award from my Sweet Friend, Jen!

I have made a wonderful friend, and her name is Jen. She has awarded me the 'You Make Me Smile Award'. I met her through a Yahoo group, she got me 'blogging', and I was so blessed to be able to meet her in person! What a Gift! Thank you Sweetie! I love checking in on Jen daily. I love to see what she is up to, and what projects she is working on. She is just the sweetest girl! I also have been blessed to have met her mom, Cindy, and her friend Maureen! Wow! Jen also tagged me for a 'MeMe'. I have to use the letters of my name to share something about here goes:


Now the rules of this MeMe are that I have to tag 6 other people to participate and these people also receive the "You Make Me Smile Award". I don't know too many bloggers so I'll use the ones that I know, and enjoy! Here they are! Hope it's ok that they get double awarded!

Jen, Cindy, Maureen, Kristie, Jill, Moneik

And yes, it was terribly hard coming up with words to describe me!


Jen said...

We'll have to let you slide!! Thanks for Re-MeMe-ing Me!!

Kristie said...

I love how you described yourself. Soooo cute. I haven't had a chance to do mine yet.

Thank you so much for being concered about where I was. Both of my boys are sick. And I guess I was just being lazy. But I'm back!!!! Thanks again for being such a great friend.

Nancy said...

Michelle, thanks so much for your comments on my t-shirt quilt. Do you by any chance have a picture of one of the quilts you mentioned so that I could see how the pictures look with quilting across them? Maybe I just need the quilting to be done in an invisible or very light thread???

Maureen said...

Thanks for the MeMe! I posted my six last night. Do you know can we put the people who tagged us for a MeMe?

I agree with Kristie I loved how you described yourself!



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