Saturday, September 15, 2007

New Windows, Fresh Air, and I'm Pooped!

Today was a busy busy day! We got up early and started working on windows. We replaced 6 windows today.
Two in a second bedroom, two about the kitchen sink, and two on the south wall of our walkout basement.
That is the end of our window replacement for this year. Next year, maybe we'll replace the windows in our
living room. There are 4 stationary windows, and two that crank out. They are all sealed shut right now.
They will have to be special ordered, and they won't be cheap!

Last night, I moved things around in the bedroom so we could even GET to the windows, and vacuumed up about 15# of dust, they were bigger than bunnies...they were full sized RABBITS!!!! While I was at it, I washed the bedspread (I should have been a quilt, but maybe someday!), changed the sheets,
and cleaned out dresser drawers. Along with all the other chores, and cleaning, it made my day long.

So....Louie and I started on the windows about 9am. My brother was scheduled to arrive about 10 or
so, so we started removing the old windows. We didn't get the basement ones removed before he got here,
but we did get a head start. I was also the cleanup committee and put-er back-er lady. ...and the vacuumer. Needless to say, I finished last, but the windows are done, and they look nice.

My brother and his wife brought their 7 year old grand daughter with them, and she got kind of bored, so grandma and her watched Home Alone 3 while the rest of us worked. After the movie, we all went 'hand in hand, to the Dairy Queen in the Scrumptdillyishious Land' and had treats. Heaven, the 7 year old, needed some more entertainment, so we went to one of our parks, which sits in a school yard, called 'Little Bear Park' and we all had fun. Boy, I am just too old for playgrounds, now! ...But Heaven enjoyed it, and so did my 'big kid', husband and chauffeur, Louie. We had fun. When we were done with the park, we came back home, and my brother, wife, and Heaven went home. Louie and I are really pooped! I think we wanted to go do something, but all we can do is hold down our chairs! I think Louie is down 'riding' his lazyboy, as he calls it, in the basement watching tv, and I've been here on the computer 'playing'.

It was a great day for getting things done, spending time with family, and playing at the park. I don't think
it will be long before I take myself to bed and hopefully, we can do something carefree tomorrow, like a
motorcycle ride.
Here's some pictures of our window project.



Basement...... East window on South Wall
Basement--West Window on South Wall

Thanks for letting me share....Hope you are all having a great weekend. Michelle


Jen said...

Holy Cow were you guys busy today!!! I can't believe all the windows you got in as well as the cleanup and re-decorating. You must have been just going non stop. No wonder you're exhausted!!!

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

Wow those windows look great. What a long day you all put in but now that part is over with. Today you should just sit and look at your new windows. I can't wait to see them in person.

Kristie said...

Slooooooow Dooooooown! You are killing me!!! Your new windows look so nice. I am doing both sites now, serialquilters and Blogger. On here it is


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