Monday, September 3, 2007

Michelle Sewed Today! REALLY! NO KIDDING!

Well, here I am on my new blog site, and I am starting it out showing my sewing projects for today! Can you believe it? I know, Jen, you NEVER thought you would see a sewing project from me, but it FINALLY happened! I made coasters and hot pads for a coworker's wedding out of the bride's favorite colors. I quizzed her fiance, and he told me the colors they had in their kitchen. He said her favorite color was PINK. Her Mixmaster is PINK and their dishes are brown, so I found these really cute fabrics when I was with Jen and Maureen on Saturday. I bought all the pink they had, and I used it all up. All I have are scraps of the pink. I bought more of the brown, so I do have some of that left. I made four pot pads and 8 coasters. The coasters and hot pad backs were done half in pink, and half in brown. I thought they turned out real cute.
After I finished making the coasters and hot pads, I sewed a bunch of blocks together for a Linus quilt. One of the gals in our quilting group quilts the quilt tops on her quilter and donates them to Linus. She lost a son a year or so ago to cancer. Our group brought a bunch of precut strips to quilting several months ago, and when they left, there was a whole bag of strips left here, so I sewed the strips into blocks, and this is the third quilt top I have sewn together. I have enough blocks left to do one more, and I could make a baby sized one with the rest. It's too wild for me, but someone will appreciate it!

My friend Christie came over this afternoon and sewed together a quilt for her church fall festival, to donate. She didn't get completely finished before she had to go, but she did get a lot accomplished. Louie worked on his nephew's Harley all day, with his nephew here too, and he quit about 8pm. They started at 8am this morning, so he was ready to quit. They did not get finished, in fact, they still have a lot to do. It was a beautiful day today. The sad thing, Louie's friend, who works for Louie, was in a motorcycle accident today. We think he is going to be ok. As far as I am concerned, it was a miracle. He was going down the highway, and a truck crossed the highway right in front of him, and his friend ran right into the truck. He has some road rash, and a gash above his left eye. His left shoulder is banged up, scraped up and sore, but does not have a dislocated shoulder. He had CT scan and it showed all was well. The hospital is keeping him for observation overnight. I think his guardian angel must have been riding on the back.

Praise God!

Well, I'm going to go find something to eat and wind down some before I go to bed. Back to work tomorrow! I hope you all had a wonderful day, and I hope none of you fell off your computer chairs when you saw that I actually sewed something!


Jen said...

Michelle, your coasters and hot pads look great! I'm sure I have the pattern somewhere but what's inside; did you do warm and natural batting or something for the coasters?

Thank God he's going to be all right. I'll keep him in my prayers.

Your PL top looks fantastic too.

You were a sewing machine today!! It's good to see!!

Love Ya!

Michelle said...

Hi Jen, I used warm and natural batting. I cut the coasters 5" and the batting 4 1/2". I cut hot pads 10" and the batting for them, 9 1/2".

Yes, I was a 'sewing' machine today, and my right shoulder and arm are telling me I was too!

Tell me about your day!
Love ya, Michelle

Anonymous said...

Wow you were just a sewing up a storm. The coasters and hot pads turned out really cute. I like the project linus quilt top. Just think of the smiles it will bring to a sick childs face and that makes it all worth while. I'm glad to hear that your friend is going to be OK. That could have been a fatal accident. Have fun with the new work week.

Anonymous said...

I love those coasters and hot pads! And the PL quilt is adorable! I love the scrappy quilts! I need a good scrappy pattern for all of the scraps that I have accumulated. I have looked around, but haven't found a good one yet. Congrats on getting some sewing done!

Maureen said...

Those hot pads and coasters look great! I like what you did with the fabric you bought at Patched Works. I am so glad you did all that sewing - I hope you enjoyed yourself.

butrfly2200 said...

Coasters are great. Sounds like you have been busy.
:) Carol

Jill said...

Hi Michelle, Happy Easter. Praise God. I have an old Spartan Singer. It looks just like one of your machines(green in color with SPARTAN written across the top instead of Singer). I sewed on it as a child with my mother. I do not have the instruction manual. I need to oil it and have no idea how. Please help! Love your site. Please advise. (the link you have given does not work). Thank You so Much, Jill Seamans Beverly

Michelle said...

Hi Jill,
Try this link.

God bless,


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