Friday, September 7, 2007

A VERY Busy Day!

I started my day out by cleaning my laundry area and moving a few things around, while running the washing machine, and then cleaned my husband's office/ebay storage room. Our furnace is also in there, and thought it would be a good thing to do, as the past few years, my furnace 'doctor' has come to do his annual checkup and caught me off guard and he had to work in the mess. Boy, getting that room done really makes me feel good! I also cleaned our downstairs 'Men's Room',

and vacuumed the entire basement, which is just a second level of living. We live in a ranch home, and don't have an upper floor, so we try to make our lower floor as nice as possible with what we have. Next on the list was loading a quilt for a very dear friend of mine, and then I proceeded to quilt it for her. When I finished with that task, it was 5pm already! Here it is after 8pm, and I haven't vacuumed the main living level yet, but that's next on my list. I pretty much have the downstairs set up for our quilting day tomorrow. I have the vacuuming done down there AGAIN, and I have clothes to put away, and I want to straighten up the garage. Louie is in his shop cleaning, and I have some boxes, etc to take to the recycling place, and we have to garbage to get rid of tonight too. I shouldn't sit here too long, or I'll get behind, and Louie will be ready to go before I even get to the

garage. I just wanted to show you a picture of the quilt I did today for Mrs. D. She made it out of 2 1/2" X 6 1/2" blocks when we had a scrappy day at quilting.

Maybe I'll get some more pictures tomorrow of our quilting day and post again, but for now, I better get moving. It's almost time for bed!



Maureen said...

Yeah Michelle! The quilt looks great....and you got so much done! I know what it is like to get something accomplished that has been waiting for you (the furnace room - not the quilt). I really like your long arm quilting set up.


Anonymous said...

wAY TO GO You got so much done I feel like a slug. The quilt is beautiful. One of these days when I can figure out who can handle Murphy and his insulin we'll be down for a quilt day.

Jen said...

WOW, I'm in awe of all you cleaned on friday! You did a great job! Mrs. D's quilt turned out awesome too!!!


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