Saturday, November 24, 2007

Quilt Number Two

This is Amber. She is the neice of a very dear friend of mine. Earlier this year, Amber, and her sister Jill came to my house, and they quilted quilts for the fair. They are active in 4H, and they live on a farm. Amber and Jill each made quilts for friends of theirs. One of the quilts that Jill made, was a quilt for her sister, Amber. All the quilts have the same pattern. They make them like this, so they can have their classmates sign their names to them. Amber, and her friends, graduate this year. The quilt Amber did today, was for her friend Kim. She wants to give the quilt to Kim for Christmas, so she has lots of time to get it signed. What a neat gift!
This is Amber's finished quilt. I had the quilt loaded for her when she got here, so it took her less than an hour and a half to get it finished. We left the batting and backing on it, because Amber is going to leave some of the backing on, to turn over and use for binding.


Jen said...

Wow, she did a fantastic job!!! That yellow is sooo pretty. I've never done the fold over backing for binding. I'd be interested in seeing how that's done.

Kristie said...

What a lovely job that she did. I think that is a great idea of having it signed. I have several quilts that I have folded the backing over to do the binding. I do that alot for my 9 patch quilts and just my everyday quilts.

Moneik said...

That is so wonderful that you will let young people learn on your frame. Why wasn't quilting popular when I was in 4-H??? I did a lot of clothing projects. You're simply amazing for helping these young people. Keep up the great work you do.


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