Friday, November 23, 2007

Quilting Mrs. D's Turning Twenty Quilt

Ok, so here is what I did this afternoon. This quilt was one of Mrs. D's quilts that was waiting to be quilted. This one is for her granddaughter Ashley and her husband Bill. I set up the frame about 1pm, had the quilt loaded by 2pm, and finished about 8:30. I only stopped for maybe a half hour to find something to eat, and occasional potty breaks. This quilt was really big. She bought suede fabric for the back. It quilted quite nicely, actually, and this quilt should be really warm with the Warm and Natural in the middle.
This quilt pattern was Turning Twenty, but Mrs. D did her own arrangement. The fabrics she used were really pretty, and most of them had gold sparkly designs in them. She will be very happy to get this quilt, finished, and on to it's new owners. By the way, the red and white sheet on the floor is there because I didn't have anyone to help me hold the quilt up off the floor, and I didn't want the quilt to get dirty from the garage floor. Using the sheet and the bricks worked out really well, and I think I will be using it every time. The sheet will be easy to keep clean just by washing it. I only almost tripped over the bricks a time or two though! Hee hee!
So, what'd you think? Getting two blogs in one day? Wow! A record for Michelle! Tomorrow afternoon, my friend Christie is bringing her neice Amber over, and she will quilt a quilt for her friend as a Christmas gift, and now, I'm thinking, while the frame is set up, I might just find a backing for the flannel baby quilt top I found at Goodwill and quilt that in the morning. Hmmmmm...maybe four blogs in one weekend? Take care and have a great weekend!


Carla said...

I love the quilt and how you quilted it. I'm working up the courage to free motion quilt instead of straight line gridding everything. I really like how you did the curly-q design. Maybe I can do that but it'll have to be without a frame. Thanks for the inspiration!

Jen said...

That quilt looks great! I never would have looked at it and thought it was a turning twenty. Good for her for putting it together her way and getting another pattern out of it!

Kristie said...

Wow! That is a beautiful quilt, I love the fabrics. You did a great job on the quilting. I really like how you did the loops. And I am amazed at how many blogs you have typed in the past couple of days.


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