Sunday, December 16, 2007

Pin Cushion

I was reading the Wendy's blog ('Snippets Of A Quilter') a week or so ago, and I saw the cutest pincushions that she had made.( ) I just had to try one. I think they are so cute! They really are easy to make. I have never made a yo yo in my life, and I have all of the new yo yo makers, but have never opened the packages. I just made one by sewing around the outside by hand and doing it the old way. I think adding the yo yo really 'makes' it on how it looks so cute!

Thanks Wendy for posting about them! Wendy has a link that tells you how to make these cuties!

This is what the bottom looks like. I suppose you could use it either way, but I like the yo yo on the top.
SEW, not much sewing today, but at least it was 'something'!


Wendy said...

Your pincushion turned out great and your first yo-yo...Congrats to you for trying it. I'm glad you were able to follow my instructions. BTW, the yo-yo makers are really goo.

Moneik said...

The pincushion looks really easy and so nice. Great Job.

Jen said...

Cute Pincushion!! Ok, what font dd you use for your signature?

Michelle said...

Click on my name, and you too, can get a neat 'live signature'!


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