Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas Decorating

Ok, I don't have a tree. I haven't had one for many years. No space, really. I did have, a few years ago, one of those ceramic ones with the colored lights glued to the tree, and when you put a light bulb inside it, and turn it on, it lights up. Problem is, I can't find it. It really troubled me last year, and I had to go without it, and it bothers me slightly less this year, but is still bothers me, because I am more organized than that. The difference this year is, I am just not going to let it consume me. If it wants to hide, so be it. When they take me to the old folks home and start clearing out this mess, they will find it probably, and then they can bring it to the old folk's home for me to enjoy! So, instead of my tree, I have decorated my electric fireplace. I really love my fireplace. It adds so much atmosphere! Now, you can see Louie and I peeking out from behind the doily, but that is only because I used the flash to take this picture. Otherwise, you can't see us. Can you see the little gold colored thing on my forehead? That is a brass hand pounded star, made by my sweetie, Louie, to go with the nativity I got at Goodwill! The nativity was handmade by someone, and if they knew what I paid for it, they would cry. The nativity is only the four pieces in front of the picture frame. The figurine kneeling next to Mary is an angel. The rest of the pieces are either Willow Tree, or Isabel Bloom figurines.

Oh, I don't know how well you can see them, but see the pictures of the little girl and little boy in the oval frames above my fireplace? Well, the girl is ME when I was 4 years old. I had blonde hair until I was about 5. The little boy is Louie when he was 6 years old. Isn't he cute???
See my Crackling 'electric' fire? I love it!
Ta ta for now, and Happy Holidays!


Carla said...

I love your fireplace and nativity scene. It all looks very comforting.

Gina said...

Your house looks really warm and welcoming.

love and hugs xxx

Moneik said...

Your decorating and nativity looks so nice. We're getting Paul's mom and electric stove for Christmas.


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