Saturday, April 26, 2008

Milwaukee Trip--Cabinet Revamp

Louie and I got up early this morning, and we headed for Milwaukee at 5:32am. We arrived at our friend Cindy's, right around 9am, I believe, and her daughter Jen(also our friend) was out running errands. While we waited for her, we started working on Cindy's new sewing machine cabinet. The plan was to cut a hole in the top, and install a shelf at just the right level, so Cindy could lower her sewing machine down into the cabinet, and the top of her sewing machine would be flush with the top of the cabinet. Jen had given her this cabinet as an early Mother's Day gift.

In the first picture, Louie has just finished working on making the template, which fit perfectly around Cindy's machine, so he could start cutting out the opening.

Let the cutting begin!
Once the opening was cut out, we needed more smoothing tools and sandpaper, so Jen made a run to the hardware store, and Louie and I installed the shelf, which we had pre-made at home the night before. I have a cabinet exactly the same, that Louie had recessed for me, so he already had a head start with his knowledge and he knew exactly what he needed to do.
Here is a picture of Cindy eagerly waiting, (and avoiding all the sawdust flying around her newly dusted house from the night before....silly girl!) Jen is busy doing the froggy stitch (Rip-it, Rip-it!) to kill time.
Ta da! The moment Cindy has been waiting for! To sit at her recessed cabinet!
Blurry, but you can see that her machine now sits on the shelf, and she is able to use her knee control for the first time since she has had her machine!
The bonus is, it looks beautiful all closed up and put away too. Cindy was thrilled, and it was a pleasure to help her do this, and a reward to see the pleasure on her face and the gratitude in her hugs! Jen, you did good, by picking just the right Mother's day gift!

After the cabinet was finished, we decided to go for breakfast, which was more like lunch, by this time, but we didn't care. We just wanted food! We went to our favorite IHOP place, and had breakfast afterall. Jen talked us all into getting a Beezlenut Splash, and it was SO FUN! We talked about all the possibilities of making our own, and what we could do to change them, for more fun! I said we needed the loop de loop straws. Wouldn't that have been fun? I think our waiter thought we were nuts. Four grown adults ordering Beezlenut Splashes! Hey, you are only as old as you feel, or in my case, how I mentally feel, (because I should be in an old folks home if it was determined by body aches!) Ha ha! So here are our drinks.
I had an omelet, which comes with 3 pancakes, and I just could not finish everything, so I finished off the pancakes and ate only a little over half of my omelet. I should have asked for a take out bag. What was I thinking? I was raised to not waste food, (hense, my shape!)
Here is Cindy, trying to get those jello pieces up into her straw. She's such a sweetie! As you can see, she couldn't finish her omelet either!
After we ate, we went 'junkin', (or 'Goodwill hunting'). We all found a few treasures. After we had hit all the treasure shops, we stopped at Baker's Square for pie. Gee, you know it just wouldn't be a normal visit with my Milwaukee friends if we didn't stop for pie! I had Chocolate peanut butter pie, which was DELICIOUS! Yes, Jill, I DID finish mine! Unfortunately, I left my camera in the car, so I didn't take a picture. We all sat at Baker's Square and talked, reminisced, and I laughed til my face hurt. The perfect therapy, in my eyes, is to enjoy, and laugh with good friends. It can fix about any problem I know of.
It was wonderful spending the day with Jen and Cindy. We came back to Cindy's, and we visited some more, then we had to give our hugs and head down the road. We left about 6:45pm, and arrived home about 10:30. I was getting pretty tired, and didn't want to go to sleep and leave Louie to try to stay awake, so I called my sister and chatted with her. She was buying groceries while we visitied, and it was good to talk to her. Louie was pooping out about the last 20 miles or so. He kept drifting to the left, and when I would say something to him, he said it was windy, but when he drifted across the road on one of the local streets not far from our house, he couldn't deny it any more.
As usual, we had a wonderful time. I told them the next time we come up, I'll be on the back of our Goldwing. Yippee!!! I can't wait!


Amelia said...

Good friends, good food and fun finds equals a wonderful Saturday.

Amelia in Oklahoma

Kristie said...

It sounds like you guys always have such fun! I sure wish everyone lived closer to me....

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

We had such a wonderful day and I don't even know how to begin to thank the two of you for all your wonderful and talented help cutting the hole in my sewing cabinet. It's so great to sit and sew at it now and I'm getting used to using the knee lift. Today I cleaned a little but then I sewed a little more. I like to just sit at it and look at my machine in the cabinet. I am truly blessed to have such wonderful friends as the two of you. Here's to many more years of laughs and junkin trips.

Moneik said...

Sounds like you all had a wonderful weekend of fun. You are so lucky to live close to Jen and Cindy.

jillquilts said...

Oh, I am so glad that you had a nice time and had Beezlenut Splashes! Aren't they great! The only thing that you all missed was texting me as I was prepping for my date!


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