Friday, April 25, 2008

Welcome to the Shoppe!

Welcome to the new and improved 'shoppe'! This is Louie's space. It is an 8' x 20" space built on to the back of our attached garage, so it makes it quite nice to access in any weather. It is a space where many activities occur. It is our 'fix it' shop. It is our 'build it' shop, it is where Louie repairs pool cues, it is his private space, and it is where he makes pool cues. It is also the space where he hopes to have a new cnc machine built for doing inlay work on pool cues. He is still in the process of building the cnc machine. This space is not new. It has just needed some TLC for quite some time. The 'Shoppe' has needed some reorganization, and more space lately so Louie could get in there and actually have some space to work. Between the two of us, we have been working hard at reaching that goal. In a previous blog, you will see the state of disorganization, and some of the steps we have taken to get here. I spent 4 1/2 hours this morning vacuuming, and doing some last little details. Louie had pretty much moved everything around, sorted, relocated, or thrown out previous to my 'spit shine' job this morning.

And so, our tour begins. Welcome to the 'Shoppe'.

Here is the 'end' of a desk, which holds his inlay machine that he is making work with cnc.
Here's the front view. Next to his desk, is a toolbox filled with all kinds of supplies and goodies
for pool cue making, (and some stuff that has nothing to do with pool cue making!) The box with the clear cover on it, is the box containing the working to make the cnc work.
Next, under the covers, is his computer, to try and make this all work, (and for fun too!)
More storage and counterspace.
The end bench holds his pool cue lathe, where he turns cues, does wraps, and such.
Turning the corner, are two of his saws, and the air hose. His compressor is in the garage,
and the air lines are directed through the wall so we don't have to make storage for the compressor.
Just a bit of trivia here. We moved to this house 12 years ago. Louie made the wooden car siding boards out of 19' tubing boxes from where I work. He sawed each board by hand, (before he got all his power tools), and measured, and figured the angles. He also pounded each board by hammer and nail. Later, we did the same thing to our garage walls, and by then, he had an electric saw, and air nailer, which made the job go much faster.
The compressor is on the other side of this wall.
More cabinets, floor, and wall. The wooden wall cabinets were recently purchased at the Habitat for Humanity restore. What a great source for reasonably priced storage! As you can see, the cabinets with the multicolored doors add character, and will be left as they are. A few of the cabinets do need some knobs, but storage clear up high, is for objects rarely or seldom used. (Yes, a tall ladder is indeed needed!)
More storage, and Louie's antique planer, which works very well, thank you!
Here are some cabinets that we stacked, and the little hardware drawers were added to the wall today too. They were sitting on the bench, and I thought this was a more appropriate space for them. You also can see Louie's router table, and another little grinder type tool, which sits on top of the table.
Here we are back around the room. The other door you see goes out to the back yard.
Thank you for looking at our new clean shop!


Carla said...

Wow! Even though I was clueless about all the tools, you did a great job as a tour guide. You two should be proud of all you've done to get Louie's shoppe complete. Good job!

Amelia said...

Very neat work shop. Everything has a place and the trick is to put it back in it's proper location.

Enjoy the fruits of your labor!

Amelia in Oklahoma

Kristie said...

Now how cool is that?? Such a nice shoppe!!! He really loves pool doesn't he? A boss that I used to work for made it to 3rd place in the national pool thing when he was a teenager. He had all of his things hanging in his office and we would have to hear the story about once a week.


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