Sunday, May 4, 2008

Bernina Bernette Sewing Machine Whispering

In case any of you are scratching your heads here right now, Jen, (Cre8tive Quilter, and my good friend) has named me the 'Sewing Machine Whisperer', because I like to work on sewing machines and make them purr after years of use, and those which are in serious need of some TLC.

Louie and I found this Bernina Bernette 440 sewing machine today while out 'Goodwill Hunting'. Upon research on the internet, we believe this machine was introduced around 1989, which makes it 18-19 years old. Now, if you know Louie and I, we have a hard time leaving sewing machines in the thrift stores, but when we saw it was a Bernina, Louie said it had to come home with us. I spent a couple hours working on it after Louie went to bed tonight, and it is now clean, oiled, and sews like a dream. Usually when we get a sewing machine thrift shopping, it is loud and clunky because it has been neglected, or just sat around for so many years that it has no oil left to lubricate the moving parts. I can tell you now, that there are no dry spots left. I even wound a bobbin. The machine did a wonderful job of bobbin winding. Even though this machine is older, I don't think it got all that much use. I couldn't find any spots that seems worn from fabric rubbing, and the foot control looked new, with no paint rubbed off from shoes. The manual seemed to be in good shape, and the attachments were still in the little plastic ziplock bag. The cover seems to be in good shape, considering it's age, and pretty clean with no tears. There are two little blue disks missing from the middle of the two top knobs, but that really is not an issue, and can either be left alone, or I could find some blue paper to match, laminate the circles and glue them back on the machine. Who would know? (Except YOU, now that I have told my secret!)
My job here of Bernette Sewing Machine Whispering is done. Thanks for visiting my blog.


Carla said...

Another machine saved from the land fill by the Sewing Machine Whisperer! Good for you, Michelle. I only wish that you lived closer to me because there are a couple that I've picked up needing some TLC.

Amelia said...

What a buy!

You can sew more quilts now.

Question - wonder if Goodwill can sell us more time to do all the things we want to do.

Amelia in Oklahoma

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

What a great find and another machine saved and addopted by the Machine Whisperer. Now not only will I have to keep looking at our Goodwill for lamps but now add machines to my list.

Moneik said...

You do such an amazing job of making these old machines run! Good job and I'm sure you enjoyed making it sing again.

Miriam said...

i know you posted this 5 years ago but i just wanted to ask if you still have this machine? and if so are you willing to sell it? how much? i have the 420 but i would love to get a 440!
please let me know, my email address is:

Aurora Benassi said...

Anch'io ho una Bernette 440 che non riesco ad usare o rompe il filo o sotto si arriccia. Cosa posso fare? Dove sbaglio?


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