Friday, May 16, 2008

Electric SINGER 99 Turned Handcrank

This is one of my very first thrift store sewing machine finds. It is a simple Singer 99 (three quarter size) straight stitch sewing machine. My husband Louie, made the oak base for it, and we removed the motor and foot control from it. I ordered a hand crank kit off the internet and Louie installed the hand crank. I think it is adorable. I tried to sew on it, and I determined that I would need some practice 'holding' the fabric straight with my left hand, while 'cranking' with my right. It is fun to think that people actually sewed this way, and maybe some still do! Ok, so some of you know me well enough by now to know that I have to put other things with my sewing machines to display them. The little quilt was a gift from a friend, and is a Boyd's Bear quilt. The quilt on the wall was a group project (done on a 'full moon' weekend, no less!) I was so stressed, and could NOT think, or comprehend, so the girls had to hold my hand to get me started. Once I got going, I couldn't stop, (this was during the first year or two of quilting)
and another quilting friend, Patty, stayed up until 4am working on each of our quilts. Patty went on to make a few more. This is the one and only one I ever made. The pattern is an Eleanor Burns 'Quilt in a Day' pattern, and I think it is called Log Cabin Star. The quilt on the table under the machine, was bought at Goodwill. This machine resides on a table in my 'North-South' hallway just outside of my bedroom.

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