Friday, May 16, 2008

WHITE Vibrating Shuttle Treadle Machine

A few weekds ago, Hazel adopted a treadle machine. In corresponding with her about her treadle, I was telling her about mine. I sent her a picture or two, then I was forced to take a close look at mine. THE DUST! OMG! It was a GOOD thing, because it forced me to realize that I needed to do some serious dusting and de-cluttering. While my White was 'naked', I took a few pictures that I will show you here, because after I dusted, I 'foo foo'd' it up, and it is not as visible anymore

A few years ago, I think on a day while the 'quilting girls' and I were here, Louie and my brother went 'junkin' (THE NERVE! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT????) Louie has a favorite place in Illinois that is an indoor flea market, consignment type place, with rental spaces. He came home that night and told me he had found a treadle machine that was pretty nice. I kind of rolled my eyes, and asked, 'how nice?' 'Nice!' he said. 'How much?' I asked. '$85'. 'REALLY???' Ok, now tell me that, and expect me not to want to go and look. The next day was Sunday, so we went back over, and of course, it came home with us. I actually told him I wanted it, but was not sure I should spend the money on it. I kept walking away, roaming the store, and coming back to look at it. In the end, he made the decision, and told a worker to please have it taken up front, as we were going to buy it.

This is exactly the shape it was was in when we bought it. It did not need any refinishing. I cleaned it up, polished it, downloaded a manual for it off the internet, (even though the original was included, but oil soaked), sewed some stitches so I knew it worked, wound a bobbin, and that was all I needed. It sits proudly in my living room just inside my front door under a large mirror. I love it...and the fake plants look much bettertoo, since they aren't growing 'fuzz' anymore!


Amelia said...


So loved the tour of these machines and hearing the history of them. The way you have them displayed just adds to their appeal. You certainly have an eye for that type of decorating.

Have a fun weekend!

Amelia in Oklahoma

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

What a wonderful "look" into your home and machines. They are all displayed so lovely! Thanks!

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

OK this has given me the incentive to open up my threadle and clean the day lights out of it. It's a singer and someday I need to find a new belt and get it going.

Carla said...

Thanks for sharing your machines! I have 2 treadles, one a Singer in working order and the other an 1889 New Home that needs a belt. Aren't they so pretty?

Hazel said...

Told you everyone would enjoy seeing your machines and the way you display them .There beautiful ,so does that mean I have to dust every week I thought it was just when we take pictures LOL .Thanks for sharing .

Michelle said...

Dust? Rarely!...or it wouldn't have taken me all day a few weeks ago. Ok, I did more than dust, I decluttered, and moved stuff around, but it needed it in a serious way!

Stay tuned, ladies! There are more to come!

Tammy said...

Your White treadle is gorgeous. Not just a functional straight stitch sewing machine, but a beautiful piece of furniture as well.


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