Sunday, May 18, 2008

Singer 15-91**** WHERE is it????

I have been showing you my old sewing machines a few at a time. This morning, I am going to show you where my Singer 15-91 sewing machine lives. She hides. A girl only has so much open space for her sewing machines, especially in cabinets, so I found a very USEFUL place for one of my treasured machines. I know she's there, but no one else suspects she is there at all. In fact, they probably don't even give it a thought as they pass through my kitchen on their way to the basement, or out to the garage, or Louie's shoppe, but she is there. Everyone needs extra counter space, don't they? Here she is. She kind of looks lonely without her 'dress' on, doesn't she? (As I call her 'she', 'she', doesn't even have a name. I do know people who name their machines, but I haven't, yet!)Here she is. She's been in hibernation for quite awhile. She probably didn't especially like being brought out, for only a few minutes. I haven't sewn on her for years, but she can do the job! She was one of my very first thrift store sewing machines. She is in the original 'Queen Anne' cabinet. I also have a stool that goes with the cabinet, but it is hiding in my living room.
She is a STRONG woman, and can sew through just about anything you challenge her with. She is gear driven, rather than belt driven. She can sew the most beautiful precision straight stitches ever! From the research I found, this machine model was first manufactured right around 1951, commemorating their centennial year.I kissed her goodnight, as I covered her back up. She is special in my life, as she has provided extra space for me in my kitchen.
Uncovering her to show you, gave me a good reason to 'de-fuzz' behind the items on my kitchen counter, and do some re-arranging again. I have been slowly de-cluttering, and I have eliminated a few more items this morning. It feels good! (Trivia: The window with the lace curtain above the cabinet with the toaster on top, is really not a window at all! It is a mirror, with a curtain rod attached to the wall above the mirror. I felt that space needed 'something' and so many people have tried to look out that 'window'.)


Carla said...

More! More!
You've inspired me to take some pictures of mine and work on some posts about them. Hopefully will get to it before too long.

Hazel said...

You are so resourceful ,what a clever idea to give yourself more space in the kitchen and the mirror trick was also a good one.I've enjoyed looking at your machines .

Kelli said...

Your machine is beautiful and you have hidden her wonderfully...very nice!

Sharon said...

Hey...very clever! She is such a beauty though, I'm not so sure I would hide her! YOur kitchen is really cute!

:0) Sharon

Tori said...

Hi Michelle,
What a pretty blog! I can't remember how I found you but I'm glad you did.

Your sewing machines is very nice, I don't think I'd hide her though.

You have a very crafty, pretty style, love the kitchen!

I'll be back!

Sharon said...

Hope you had a great Memorial weekend!

Hugs, Sharon

Sharon said...

Hi Michelle,

I just wanted to tell you thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog about my empty nest pain. You are such a very nice person. I am sorry that you are dealing with the blues this week. I pray that you will get better and that God will lift that cloud above you. It's hard when you get down, but it really does help to read scripture and to worship the Lord.

I hope you have a wonderful day today!



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