Friday, May 30, 2008

Who'll Stop The Rain?!!!

This is the song that runs through my head as I sit here and the rain continues to fall. Why is it, that on my days off, the sun won't shine?

I guess I should be in awe of the beauty of my own personal 'waterfall'. No, it's not plugged, it's just raining THAT fast and running over!

Here is what I see when I look out my kitchen windows...rain filled screens. I will be driving to DeWitt soon (20 miles south) for an appointment, so I hope it slows down a little bit, then I'll be coming home. My sissypoo is coming to visit, then who knows WHAT kind of trouble we will get into! (Wha ha ha..evil smirk!)
I'll report back later if there is anything to report.


Jen said...

That is a LOT of rain. How will you ever get to get out on the bike this weekend with all of that? =(

Moneik said...

You're getting the rain we've had for the last week! We've had almost 10" this month which is a record. Everything is green and beautiful. I'm sure loving the prettyness of it. We'll be driving through western IA in a couple weeks and will think of you.

jillquilts said...

Be safe driving to your appointment! Try and stay dry this weekend!

Connie said...

Wow that is a lot of rain!! My favorite is when I'm in bed and it is pouring like mad outside--so soothing! Not so soothing when you have to get out and drive in it! :)


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