Monday, August 11, 2008

Prezzies In My Mailbox!

After a long Monday at work, I dropped off a couple bills on my way home from work, then stopped out in front of my house to check the mail. Was I surprised at what I found inside!! A package from my friend Carla in Alabama! Oh my! What is this, I wondered?!
A card and two prezzies!Carla made this adorable little crocheted cupcake pin cushion topped with 'candy' beads, (looks good enough to eat!), sent me a cute little pin cushion shelf sitter, and a beautiful handwritten card. Thank you so much, Carla! I will treasure them, and think of you when I look at them. I have enjoyed 'meeting' you too, and I cherish your friendship. Thank you, Carla, for brightening up my day!

Continue to teach me by your example that friendship requires love, attention, and an open heart. Open my heart to love others more fully, reaching out to others and nurturing the long-term friendships You have placed in my life. You are the greatest Friend of all and therefore, I know I can trust You to guide me as I learn to be a better friend to those You have placed in my life.
(From the book, 'Everyday Prayers for Everyday Cares for Women'


Kristie said...

Nice Goodies!!!! You really deserve them. Carla is such a sweetie, isn't she??? She made me one of those cute little cupcakes during our swap!!! I love it, I think it is just too cute to stick pins in. I love your shelf sitter!!! I have one that is a thread spool that she sent a while back!!!! She is such a nice lady and does such beautiful work!!!!

Amelia said...

such cute goodies you received. Getting presents is always great for both the giver and the receiver....usually ... I have grandkids (not all) but some that absolutely will not acknowledge a gift...which I think the gift giving is coming to a halt ...I had better shut up and get off my soap box.


Hazel said...

There both so cute but I think the shelf sitter is my favorite ,how cute is that .

MouseChirpy said...

Hi Michelle,
Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you. Regarding the yo-yo lollipops, they are just two yo-yo's with a lillipop stick glued in the center. You can find the lollipop sticks wherever they sell candy making supplies.
I've enjoyed browsing your blog. Lot's of enjoyable reading.
Take care.

Jen said...

If anyone deserves goodies; it's you my friend!!! =)

She'sSewPretty said...

Oh, that little tomato guy is just too cute. My daughter makes those crochet cupcakes too! They're so yummy looking.

Janera said...

I also love to sew and I'm watching for a really cute pincushion, so these caught my eye! What a nice friend -- love the card, too.

Dionne said...

What wonderful little gifts!

Anonymous said...

How CUTE and exciting and for you!


Donna @

Anonymous said...

What fun---coming home and finding a package! That little crochet cupcake is just the cutest! I enjoyed the little u-tube video about the nail salon---so funny! dana

Anonymous said...

Love that Pincushion have to keep that in mine.



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