Sunday, August 10, 2008

More Thrifty Show 'n Tell

Have you ever been out and about minding your own business, say, 'Goodwill hunting', or just enjoying the day, when you see something that reminds you of your childhood, and someone very special in your life? Yesterday, while 'Goodwill hunting', I found this antique hand drill. It instantly reminded me of my daddy. (He has been gone for 38 years.) Now, I never saw him actually USE it, but I remember it being in his toolbox, and for some reason, I must have thought it was REALLY unique, because the memory stuck. Actually, at the store, there were SEVERAL of these drills. I chose the one that was in the best condition. I am going to clean it up, and display it on the wall of Louie's 'Men's Room (potty) in our lower level. I'll take a picture when it is in place and let you see where it ends up. At the same store, I found this glass candy dish. Why, oh, WHY am I suddenly attracted to shiny, sparkly glass containers? I have been putting spools of thread, and bobbins, etc in them downstairs in my sewing area. Both the drill, and this dish came to $7. I picked up the pin at another store.....$1.38.I found this Pride and Prejudice VHS set at the Disabled American Veteran's thrift store for $5.95. I have always wanted to watch this series, now I can, at my own leisure. A good time to watch is when I am engrossed in a sewing project.I picked up these books to help me find bible verses on different subjects, since I don't know where to find them otherwise. They are very nice reference books. I think I paid $1.38 each for the two hardback books, and 88cents for the paperback. I love Goodwill!Last, but not least, I bought two of these identical quilted pillow shams. I have been buying these lately, and making sewing machine (and other things) covers. AllI do, is fold them in half, and throw them over the top. Since the shams are different from one side to the other, I can get two completely different looks, and cover up two things. $2.38 each.Thank you for allowing me to show you my 'Thrifty Show 'n Tell'.

Delight yourself in the Lord, And He shall give you the desires of your heart.
Psalm 37:4


Hazel said...

Again you did really well with your treasures .I see a pipe and I think of my dad ,probably because I was the only one who could stand the smell of it LOL Actually I liked it .

Moneik said...

You really found some neat treasures there.

Amelia said...

Speaking of Louie having his own room for manly Leon used one bathroom that way - till he ran out of toom...when he retired he moved all the "junK" to the garage..then I decorated it a bit more fashionable.

You got some great finds at great prices.


Jen said...

You sure find the neatest things!!


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