Saturday, August 9, 2008

Thrifty Show 'n Tell

Last Saturday, Louie and I went for a motorcycle ride and ended up in Cedar Rapids. In a post from last weekend, I told you I had found some treasures, and that I would post pictures later. Well, later, is this morning, when I finally got them out of the side bags of our Goldwing.

The first thing I want to show you is this cute little ceramic teapot night light. I don't know exactly where it will go right now, but I just could not resist it. As cute as it is, it COULD be turned into something else cute, as most of my outlets are not exposed and out in the open. I could take the electrical part off, which is just glued on, and make it into a Christmas tree ornament, or I could tie a ribbon through the handle and add it to a curtain tie back, or....oh the possibilities are endless. The teapot itself is 6" tall by 6 1/2" across.
I also spotted this vase. I have NO CLUE if it is old, new, or it came from the dollar store, but I like it. It is pretty heavy, and I liked the way the top was 'laced'.......Oh, I just had an idea!! Ribbon threaded through the 'lace' would look cute! (Slow down, my heart!) Both sides have the same design, and the bottom says, Victoria's Garden Lowell MA 01853 Made in China. It stands 8" high, and the widest part across the top is 5 1/2". Cute! Not sure where this will end up either, but since I am a pink and purple kinda girl, I HAD to have it.
This photo shows a very purple vase, which I am going to put in my front bedroom window along with some other 'foo foos' I have put there. I have a couple of other vases of the same family there. I'll take a picture later of that. Also, in the photo you will see green fabric with gold leaves. There are two homemade valances, which I may use as table runners, and two curtain panels, which probably will be turned into fat quarters for my stash drawers. I saw them hanging on hangers on the curtain rack at Goodwill, and they were in my basket in lightning speed time! The back has white fabric which I will also use. I just LOVE thrift store shopping! My last photo shows two coffee mugs I found that I HAD to have, and an oven thermometer. Why do I need a thermometer when I have a digital read temperature oven? I'm sorry, I can't explain, because I don't know. I just WANTED it.
Thank you letting me 'Show 'n Tell' my thrifty finds. Louie and I are going on a road trip today, so hopefully, I'll have some more thrifty finds to show you another day.

Teach us delight in simple things. - Roger Kipling


Amelia said...

You found some very pretty items. They all just match in colors so much you could just make a vignette out of them. You did not mention pricing - but I bet you got them at mighty good prices.

Have fun on your latest trip.


Kristie said...

Wonderful finds! You always find the best stuff!

Hazel said...

Great fines of course the tea pot is my favorite since I'm a big tea granny no wait I think its the vase oh heck I can't decide LOL


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