Thursday, October 30, 2008

I Think I'm Allergic To Latex!

I've noticed lately, that some bandaids make my skin itch, and if I leave them on long enough, there are definate marks, and red marks that last for days. I wear rubber gloves every day at work, and I don't have a problem with my hands, that I notice. Must be something different about them than a bandaid.

I have been having trouble with my right elbow aching, and I found out a couple days ago, from a couple coworkers that I have tennis elbow. These people have had the same problem and told me to get a support and wear it for a couple weeks. One coworker went to the dr for the same thing, and that is exactly what the dr told him. Wear an elbow brace. The coworker wore the brace, and he said his elbow is fine now. Yesterday, he lent me his brace, and it felt great. Not wanting to just wear his for a couple weeks, I had Louie stop and pick on up for me last night after work.

This is what he bought me.
It had a built in gel pad.This is how my arm looks now. It actually is only about 1/4th as red as it was.What you are looking at, is the top part of my arm,(my arm is laying on top of the desktop, palm of hand down) just below my elbow. See the little blisters I still have? I have scraped a few of them off already. I didn't realize they were blisters, and I didn't realize that I really had a latex allergy until tonight. For several hours, it was very hot to the touch, and very, very sore. It has calmed down quite a bit now.
I destroyed modified my elbow support by removing the gel pad. I also grabbed onto the wrong side of the razor blade and made a nice deep cut in my middle finger (SIGH!) I really didn't see why the gel pad was necessary anyway. (probably more latex itchies on the way now that I have a bandaid on!)UGLY! I hope I'm not allergic to Warm and Natural batting!Allergies: Latex Allergies

Latex, also known as rubber or natural latex, is derived from the milky sap of the rubber tree, found in Africa and Southeast Asia.

Latex allergy is an allergic reaction to substances in natural latex. Rubber gloves are the main source of allergic reactions, although latex is also used in other products such as condoms and some medical devices.

What Causes Latex Allergy?
The exact cause of latex allergy is unknown, but it is thought that repeated exposure to latex and rubber products may induce symptoms.
About 5% to 10% of healthcare workers have some form of allergy to latex.

For more about Latex Allergies:


Amelia said...


Lets hope the modification will help and your arm will get better. Strange how the body becomes allergic to some things after all these years.

Enjoy the weekend...

Lori said...

You poor thing! I'm allergic to pine tar and didn't know it until I went in for surgery and they prepped me with Benzoyn(sp) which has pine tar in it and I broke out and itched like crazy. Not fun, so I feel for you.

I had tennis elbow a few years back and wore a brace like yours. I had to wear it for a couple of weeks but it's not been back since.

Good Luck!

Hazel said...

Hope your arm is feeling better soon ,if not maybe you should have it looked at .

Kristie said...

How terrible! I sure hope your arm gets better soon!! I have a friend that had to quit nursing because she became allergic to latex!


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