Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pretty Plates

Up until this morning, the area to the left of the cupboards looked like this. (Metal sunflower sign, framed picture, poster)Now, it looks like this! Several months ago while I was out 'junkin', I found a stack of 8 plates, with no name on the back, all taped together for $3.38. Now, I really DO NOT know where my obsession with plates, and all this glassware lately is coming from, but I loved the plates, and brought them home. As in the past, sometimes, I HAVE to have something, not really knowing what or WHERE I am going to put it! The plates sat on a shelf on my dad's library table(desk), until I played Musical Furniture a few weeks ago, at which point, I moved them to another location. By 'another location', that means that yesterday, before I went shopping at Hobby Lobby for the plate holders, I didn't know where I put them! (I just don't know what to do with myself sometimes. I am so organized, I can't find anything!) I was pretty sure I didn't donate them back, in my reorganizing frenzy, but I couldn't swear I didn't, either! I kept searching, and I found them (WHEW!) in one of my upper cupboards. (I'm STILL looking for that ceramic lighted Christmas tree I lost about 4 years ago....)As I have already mentioned, we went to Hobby Lobby and I found these three plate holders to hang on my wall. I was looking for a single 'three plate' holder, but my plates were too big for one of those, and they only had 'two plate' holders, so I picked up three of this design...and it's a good thing that I only wanted three, because that is ALL THEY HAD!

Thank you all for being so generous AGAIN by putting up with always looking at my reorganizing, and redecorating efforts.

Simple Pleasures

I like a simple little house
With flowers by the door,
An ample larder for my needs
And not much more in store.

I like a window toward the sun
And doors that open wide,
The trickle of a bath for birds
With feathered friends beside.

I like a tidy nook inside
Where my books and slippers lie,
A cup for tea, a magazine,
And warming hearth nearby.

I like some trinkets on the sills,
White ruffles at the panes,
The comfort of a sturdy roof
To shelter me from rains.

I like the cozy ambience,
A place of sweet retreat
Where life unfolds along the way
And each new day's a treat.

Virginia Borman Grimmer

Welcome To My Home: 'Enter As Strangers, Leave As Friends'


Lori said...

It looks great! The plates are beautiful.

Amelia said...

Oh Michelle, this looks great. With no markiings really makes you wonder the pattern, maker, etc of those beautiful plates. The plate holders are perfect for them.

I am in the same boat of wondering where my sudden interest in glassware is coming from. Maybe it is one of our genes that is just late in the development stage.

Have a fun week...don't work too hard.

Hugs from this part of the country.

Carla said...

What a pretty arrangement! Hobby Lobby's the best!

Angie said...

Love those plate holders! I have 2 just like them! I also love to hang plates in all rooms of the house. I have 3 hanging in my laundry room. I always look for them at yard sales and Goodwill. You can get them for cheap! Hope you have a great day!


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