Sunday, March 22, 2009

I Must Have Hit My Head!

I HAD to have hit my head to think that I could get this HUGE quilt done this weekend. I ALWAYS think I can just 'throw on some borders' and get going, when in reality, it takes me a lot longer to get that done than I anticipate.

While I was at work this week, I dreamed of how I was going to get this all done this weekend. I figured I could get the garage cleaned and vacuumed Friday, and Friday evening set the quilter up. I thought I could just (here I go again) 'throw the borders on' the quilt top, then piece the backing to make it big enough, and piece the batting. I could have all day Saturday to get it quilted after I loaded it, and I thought today (Sunday), I could clean everything up, and put the binding on. WRONG!

Friday morning I had a dentist appointment for more impressions for my 'crown'. My appointment was at 10:20. I was out of the chair by 11:15, but I had to leave without my partial, and pick it up later. Ok. I needed to go to Sam's and renew my membership anyway. I would go do some junkin too, (and NOT TALK to anyone!). I was to be back at the Dentist by 4:40 to pick up my partial. After I went shopping, I went to my sissypoo's home to wait out the rest of the afternoon until it was time to go back to the dentist. So...............scratch doing anything more on Friday.

Saturday morning, I got up with high expectations. I went to have coffee with my friend Christie, and by the time I got back, it was about 10:15am. I needed to work on my laundry, and vacuum. Then I decided my office needed cleaning, so I did that too. By the time I got that done, it was about 1:30 or 2:00, and I had completely fizzled out. Done, spent. No energy or ambition whatsoever. Zip, zero, nada. So I sat in my chair and watched a movie on LMN and napped.

So this morning, after playing on my computer for hours, (yes, I was up at 5:30...or was it 4:30?), my husband made me a nice breakfast of pancakes and eggs, and after I ate my breakfast, I told him I was going down to put my borders on. That was 9:30. I got the top done and tried on the bed.Next, I had to figure out what I was going to do for backing. I had a plan in my head, but I was running short on the black I used on the border, so that plan was out the door. I had two light green sheets that I decided to use. I laid out the first sheet in the middle of the quilt and figured out how wide the borders needed to be, to add to each side to make it the right size. I used up almost completely, the second sheet just for borders. I did have enough sheet left to add another strip across the top of the backing to wrap around the quilt rollers. My backing cost me a total of $4.50. The black piece you see on the white strip on the right side is just pinned on to tell me that will be the top of the quilt.Next was the 'fun' part. (sarcasm). I needed to piece the batting. I have a roll of 90" wide batting, so I unrolled 130" for length, but needed to add about 18" more for width, so I cut two strips 18" by WOF and joined those two pieces end to end, then joined the new long 18" wide strip to the width of the other piece. It went together pretty good. Here it is, all pieced, and folded lengthwise in 4th's, ready to put on the quilter.I finished up and placed my front, back and batting here in this pile about 5:00 pm. It always takes me longer than I think it will. Hopefully, I will be all ready for the quilter next weekend, Lord willing, and the creek doesn't rise!Do you want to see my new ironing board cover I got off eBay a few weeks ago? I love it! The lady I got it from makes them and sells them all the time, and I think, also takes custom orders. If I need any more, I will be getting them from her! The fabric is quilt shop quality. It's almost too pretty to use!...and now, I'll share a little bit of humor to offset my whining...

Amazing Medical Breakthrough
From Women of Splendor by Linda Weber

A young girl came home from school and announced to her mom that she had learned how to prevent AIDS.

'Oh my!', her mom thought, disappointed at not being the first one to inform her daughter of this sensitive issue.

The girl proceeded to tell her mom the magic formula: "All you have to do, is buy condominiums and avoid intersections!"

Be blessed, and have a wonderful new week!


Lori said...

We are so much more alike than you may realize. I always think I'm going to get so much done adn it just doesn't happen that way. I blame mine on age. or maybe I'm just delusional..I think I'd rather blame it on age.

Zarina said...

That is a lot done (well the cleaning up which is still waiting for me). We all have high hopes for our crafts unfortunately its difficult to have it realized.

Hazel said...

I think you got a lot done this weekend ,slow down girl .I think we expect to much of ourselves .When you buy the sheets do you make sure they are 100% cotton , I seem to have a hard time finding any .

Sue said...

So sad that we think we can accomplish things as fast as we can think them! I fall into that quite often. The mind is quicker than the hand. But, you did accomplish a lot. By-the-way, the quilt looks great.

Kristie said...

I think you really accomplished alot this weekend! That is a big quilt! It looks great with the borders on. Can't wait to see the backing after it is quilted.

Love that ironing board cover! You can never buy them in the stores that look that pretty! Makes you feel more like ironing when you have to look at something pretty!


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