Monday, March 23, 2009

Junkin' Treasures

I found this vintage bunny while junkin' on Friday. He was a ceramics project in 1981. I couldn't resist him. I also found the yellow eggs, and I thought they were just the perfect size to go along with the egg the bunny is holding. The bunny was $3.38, and the three eggs together were $1.38.

I decided to put one of the eggs in my tea cup. I thought looked cute there.Don't ask me why I have to bring every quilt I see home. I is one of those probably made in a China, but it's a quilt, none the less. $8.38. I bought the two sheets on the top of this stack, and the floral one under the solid green one. The others I bought at different times. (The solid green one is now part of my quilt back.)Not a whole lot of treasures this weekend, but just enough to calm my 'junkin' addiction.

I also got another 'treasure' on Friday. I had a package on my porch when I got home from my friend, Sue. Thank you Sue! I love it!
Be blessed!



Amelia said...

That rabbit with the eggs is adorable...the pink in the tea cups match the pink on the rabbit. Makes for a very interesting display for spring!

Enjoy the rest of the week.

Lori said...

1981 is vintage?!? my oh my do I feel old now!

Anonymous said...

I love when you share the "treasures" that you find! You are an inspiration.


Kristie said...

I think of you everytime I stop by a thrift store here! Love the goodies that you bought! Of course, I also pick up sheets here. They usually cost $1 each here so, I can't go wrong buying them at that price!

Enjoy your day!

Sue said...

I love the bunny...but my favorite is the teapot. You did "bag" some neat stuff on your "good will hunting" trip. Sort of made up for the trip to the dentist.

Hazel said...

Oh what a cute bunnie and eggs it looks great together .I'm still on the look out for sheets .

Janet said...

Adorable bunny and eggs. It reminds me of some of the ceramics that my husband's grandma used to make.
I've enjoyed my first visit here to your blog. (I received a link from Lori at Mountainwomanat heart)I'll be back!

Vicki said...

It's like heaven over here tonight!...listening to your beautiful music, looking at your beautiful handiwork! Thank you for sharing. I'd love to visit and sit with you awhile.


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