Sunday, June 21, 2009

Some Days You SCORE!

I love showing friends my treasures. They ask where I got it, and I say, “Where else? GOODWILL!” They look me in utter disbelief, then they say, “No WAY!”, or they raise an eyebrow, roll their eyes, and say,  “WHY CAN’T I FIND ANYTHING NEAT LIKE THAT?????”

Well, I tell them, FIRST, you have to GO junkin’, but you also have to realize that sometimes you go and don’t find one single thing, and other times, you go, and fill the van!

I believe I had very good luck yesterday, and it wasn’t even hard on my pocketbook.

What do you suppose I found that weighs 9# 14 oz?




2 yards of ‘Chicken Soup’ by Hoffman International Fabrics:


1 1/4 yards of Debbie Mumm fabric004

4 yards of (no name vintage) White/blue polka dots005

3 yards of Cranston Print Works ‘Cheater’ fabric006

1 piece 2 yards and 1 piece 6.5 yards of  Cranston Print Works Pink fabric =Total 8.5 yards


Muslin  1 piece is 45” wide =12 yards

1 piece 90” wide= 3 yards

Total Muslin=15 yards


So what do you suppose this is? Nope, it’s not a skirt! It is a cloth shower curtain folded in half lengthwise.  What do you suppose it will be when i get done with it?


Most likely, FAT QUARTERS!!!! I might take the time to unstitch the decorative trim from it before I massacre it. It is a very very dark blue, but almost looks black, which is what drew my eye to it.010


I also found some (2 strand-50 yard)embroidery floss to add to my ‘stash’013

…and a couple books. They say if a person has lots of books in their home, that is a sign of an intelligent resident….(Does that mean you actually should be READING them????) I am a more of a ‘picture book’ person, myself!



…and it’s always great to have books for reference, and inspiration…


…and who couldn’t resist this cute little sheep bank? Actually, my husband bought it for a friend, but he has to get it away from ME first! Isn’t it adorable?


I was pretty excited to find these salt and pepper shakers from Longaberger.  I don’t have any other Longaberger items, but these are sure cute, heavy duty, and they are MINE! 018


So all in all, I felt like I had a pretty good day junkin’! I think I’d like to go again, as I had SEW much fun….

Oh, Louie!!!!! Get your shoes on! There’s treasures waiting!



Be blessed,



Hazel said...

JACKPOT LOL You did very well ,I love looking at others treasures .The best part of your post was the end the quote and Carol picture LOL .

Amelia said...

Oh Michelle, you really struck gold with your GW finds this weekend. Must say the little sheep is so adorable.

KyQuiltlady said...

Wow!!!!! That was a good day for material. I very seldom find material unless it is polyester.

KyQuiltlady said...

Wow!!!!! That was a good day for material. I very seldom find material unless it is polyester.

Gina said...

What great finds.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Tozz said...

Oh know how to find the bargains thats for sure. I have a little win now and again but nothing as good as your finds.


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