Sunday, July 19, 2009

Junkin’, Etc.

Louie and I went junkin’ today. We always like to go junkin’ when we spend the day together. We also needed to shop for a few (ok, more than a few)groceries and some necessities.  On my list, was a couple valances to add to the windows on the porch. YES, on the OUTSIDE of my house. It is a room! It’s just missing one wall! (Ok, I KNOW you think I have flipped my cork, but if you haven’t figured that out by now, you NEVER will!) Admit it, though…it looks NICE, thank you very much!                   001                                        So now that you will never think of me the same again, let me take your mind off of my insanity by showing you my treasures.  First on the list, is a Heartwood Creek kettle candle, by Jim Shore. Whoever had it had only lit it once, then donated it. Lucky me! I don’t know if I will burn it or not, but if I do, I will set it on a coffee warmer and melt the candle for fragrance.                        023

Next is this vintage toy iron.     016                                                   This adorable little bunny lady pushing her egg shaped cart just had to come home with me. She is such a lady!I don’t think you can see it, but maybe if you click on the picture you can…she had a dark blue cloth bow tied to the back of her dress. I will probably put her away with the rest of my spring/Easter decorations.024                                       I have no clue why I brought home this 'Dritz’ whatever it is. I know you iron something on it, but I don’t know what. Why did I bring it home? Beats me! I think I liked the bright colors.  Is it for ironing sleeves while making shirts? I can GUARANTEE I will never use it for that! Maybe one of my friends will need it for something.                 014                                       I found this Phantom Lightning canister vacuum cleaner for $10.38. What you see is what I got, but I can use some of my other vacuum cleaner accessories for it, especially the bare floor tool and wands. I vacuumed the porch with it tonight, and it really SUCKS! I have an upright Phantom Thunder, which I have had for years, and I use it all the time, so I was thrilled to find this. It will work well for vacuuming stairs, and vacuuming out the van too.007                                  My little concrete friend got a new dress today too. I just love her. I have had her for a very long time, and I just love dressing her up.                                        019                                       Louie got a ‘near new’ pair of AVIA tennis shoes for $4.38. Someone had written their name on the side of each shoe with a magic marker, but we got the name off, and he will get many many miles out of his new shoes. We bought a bunch of groceries and came home. It took me the rest of the evening to put up my valances, put away groceries, and clean up and put away my treasures, while Louie played pool with his friend Jeff.

It’s past my bedtime, so I will say goodnight. I hope you all have a wonderful upcoming week. Take care and  be blessed!


Add Michelle Motorcycle Bear[2]


Janera said...

Good treasures, Girl! I especially love the kettle candle. Enjoyed my visit to your blog today. Back soon!

Amelia said...


Your finds were great this weekend.

Your outdoor room looks so you all spend much time sitting on the porch?

Enjoy the week.


Hazel said...

Great finds I believe they call your "Dritz thing" a Ham .I use mind all the time for pressing seams open .

Lori said...

That ironing thing is a "ham". We used to use them in home ec class for ironing sleeves, shoulders, etc. They really do come in handy. I used to have one but it got lost somehow when we moved 10 years ago. I'm sure one of the guys found it and had no clue what it was so thought it to be junk.
Nice porch too, btw.


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